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[ The Team]
[ The Team]
[ Project on Google Code]
Google Code: [ Project Home] | [ Issue Tracker] | [ Source]
[ Issue Tracker]

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Advanced Character & Guild Profiler

Current release: 2.0.2

The Team

Google Code: Project Home | Issue Tracker | Source

WoWRoster is an automated, extensible, and multilingual character and guild profiler which displays and stores data gathered from WoW through the use of WoW AddOns (rpgo-CharacterProfiler , rpgo-GuildProfiler , and PvPLog)

WoWRoster organizes all of the data collected via WoW AddOns, provides a suite of presentations for the gathered data, and houses a base for Roster Addons to access and manipulate roster data, displays Roster Addon links in the Roster Menu, and presents output to users.

The information gathered and displayed includes the following
The display of most of these are optional via Roster Control Panel

Warning.png 2.0.0 Only: The documentation in the WiKi is intended for WoWRoster 2.0.0
Documentation for WoWRoster 1.7.3 has been removed
Warning.png Blizzard Servers
Only: applications are made and tested for use with official Blizzard servers does not support applications for use with private WoW servers
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