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===List of current Roster Addons===
===List of current Roster Addons===
Last Updated: 22:01, 9 May 2007 (PDT)
View the [[Category:RosterAddon|Roster AddOn Category]] page
*Makes a members list that has a special field showing the main for each char, and that can sort on this field.
====[[Roster:Addon:Book Worm|Book Worm]]====
*Not yet ready for release. Will "scan" books held by players into a virtual library that can be accessed from within WoW.
====[[Roster:Addon:Categorized Guildbank|Categorized Guildbank]]====
*Breaks up all the items across your banks into specific categories and groups same items together adding quantity, banker name, that banker's last update timestamp to the tooltip.
====[[Roster:Addon:Custom Triggers|Custom Triggers]]====
*An addon for addon developers. Gives the option to easily add file input fields to update.php for reading out any .lua files that contain information for your addon. No more overlapping update.php mods.
====[[Roster:Addon:DKP Reporting-Management Addon|DKP Reporting/Management Addon]]====
*Not an eqDKP addon. This is a DKP management addon for roster.
====[[Roster:Addon:eqDKP View|eqDKP View]]====
*This plugin ties an existing eqDKP site together with Roster.
====[[Roster:Addon:EventCalendar|Event Calendar]]====
*Shows upcoming events(/birthdays/meetings) from GEM(GroupCalendar).
====[[Roster:Addon:Guild Treasury|Guild Treasury]]====
*Guild Bank that features a search and order system.
====[[Roster:Addon:Guild Statistics|Guild Statistics]]====
*Guild Statistics is used to analyze your guild members and see how well the guild is balanced as well as learn how many members are in what levels in which classes.
*Itemsets is a Roster addon that shows a list of all your guildmates above lvl 50 and which set items of their class-sets they have.
====[[Roster:Addon:Latest Loot|Latest Loot]]====
*Latest Loots is a rather simple addon that fetches the last 20 loots(numbers can be changed) from eqdkp.
====[[Roster:Addon:Loan System|Loan System]]====
*An addon that handles giving and receiving loans within the guild, the best way to deal with loans, no more 'I'll pay ya back one day..' and the day may never come because either party forgot about the deal.
* This addon gives an overview of the various resistances of everyone on the roster. It will automatically find the maximum resistance possible by combining equipment in your bags and bank. Only soulbound items will be used.
====[[Roster:Addon:RaidTracker|Raid Tracker]]====
* Track raids, bosskills, loot with the ct_raidtracker enhanced WoW Addon
*Make your order of items which can be made by members and send it ingame to the maker.
*A signature and avatar generator that is easily and very configurable. Supports saving generated images as static images and custom per-memeber character images and backgrounds
====[[Roster:Addon:WritCalculator|Writ Calculator]]====
*Produces a listing of the raw materials necessary to complete [ Argent Dawn Writs], which are quests to produce a set amount of goods from various professions for reputation gain with [ Argent Dawn] (as well as Insignias).

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Roster Addons

What is a WoWRoster Addon?

A WoW Roster Addon is code that supplements the core components of roster, giving additional functionality and/or other ways to view Available Roster Data

Installing WoWRoster AddOns

All Roster AddOns are placed or extracted to 'roster/addons/'

If you have an AddOn named SomeAddon, then it's folder will be at 'roster/addons/SomeAddon/'
with it's files inside that folder

Some AddOn authors "zip up" their AddOns with just their folder name


With this type, set the extract location to 'roster/addons/'

While some may put the entire Roster folder structure in the zip file


With this type, set the extract location to 'roster/'


Go to the Roster Control Panel under AddOn Management to install your AddOn

Make an Addon

The Addon SDK will help you in the creation of an addon

List of current Roster Addons

View the page

Important note: When you edit this page, you agree to release your contribution into the public domain.
If you do not want this or can not do this because of license restrictions, please do not edit.

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