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A list of the available repositories on and permissions for access

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wowroster WebLogo.png SVNLogo.png SVNLogo.png FeedIcon16x16.png WoWRoster, a web based profiler which retrieves and stores data gathered from WoW through the use of Addons
wowroster-addons WebLogo.png SVNLogo.png SVNLogo.png FeedIcon16x16.png AddOns for WoWRoster
wowroster-profiler WebLogo.png SVNLogo.png SVNLogo.png FeedIcon16x16.png World of Warcraft addon that extracts character info including stats, equipment, inventory (bags & bank), trade skills, spellbook, mail, and pets. There is also a guild component that extracts the guild member roster and other guild data.
wowroster-pvplog WebLogo.png SVNLogo.png SVNLogo.png FeedIcon16x16.png PvPLog will automatically log your PvP wins and losses as well as your duel wins and losses.
uniadmin WebLogo.png SVNLogo.png SVNLogo.png FeedIcon16x16.png An admin interface used to keep UniUploader users' addons, logos, and settings updated
uniuploader WebLogo.png SVNLogo.png SVNLogo.png FeedIcon16x16.png A tool which uploads WoW saved data (LUA files) from World of Warcraft to URL(s) using standard POST
imageextract Tools for extracting images and icons from WoW
wowroster-interface Interface Imagepack for WoWRoster 2.x
php-uniuploader PHP script that allows you to upload your profiles and download the AddOns from the UniAdmin interface
wowroster-df WoWRoster 1.x / 2.x ported to a Dragonfly CMS module
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