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**Check the box and hit Default Settings to reset to defaults
**Check the box and hit Default Settings to reset to defaults

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If you do not want this or can not do this because of license restrictions, please do not edit.


Intro and Info

Signature/Avatar Generator AddOn for Roster

Download ->
Support ->

Current version: 0.2.4
Updated: 19:59, 9 March 2007 (UTC)
Author: Zanix

This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. So if it blows up your server it's not my fault
These signatures/avatars can be used for web forums, they will show a character's level, membership, rank, tradeskill levels, and other such information.

The information in these signature graphics will be as up to date as the information in roster.
This is very configurable, everything can be moved fairly easily, text colors can be changed, almost everything can be displayed/hidden

To configure, open /roster/addon.php?roster_addon_name=siggen in a web-browser

For members that haven't uploaded info, this will show limited information on a default background

Change Log

> SigGen Change Log


All props to the original creator(s) of img.php

Ripped from the readme of img.php
Code written by Tony Fontaine, aka Reolus,
Inspired by the WoWSigCreator by Ashenfield ( )
Special Thanks To:
rubricsinger For his eXP bar and therefore making want to improve on img.php
zeth_russ Etag cacheing (lovin' the reduced server load!)
RossiRat Ideas on showing debug/error info
Getting the full path for fonts, directories
Shadow fonts
Saving images to a directory on the server
BlackCat83 For the original "avatar.php" using my code from "sig.php"
Jessy For making "av.php" just plug into "sig.php" - Very nice
Matt Miller Code from UniAdmin. Without it I couldn't of made the config page
Ahrtvuailla For help with re-designing the sigconfig page, and a way to delete uploaded images
Suirion For the great race-gender-class images, thanks!
nekromant esES localization
Harut frFR localization

To everyone else that I haven't mentioned
And all those that have tested the previous versions; sig1.5 : sig2.0 : sig2.0-gamma

Requirements Roster v1.7.2 or higher
PHP 4.3.2 or better
GD2 with PNG and Freetype Support

Advanced functions in SigGen Config may not work if safe_mode is turned on in your PHP config file
SigGen absolutely requires that your PHP installation supports the GD2 library, and that GD2 has PNG Support and FreeType Support turned on
RosterDiag MUST SAY FreeType Support: yes for you to use SigGen

FreeType Linkage: with freetype is best although with TTF may work ok

If you have trouble with the signature generator, first check RosterDiag for information about how the GD2 library is configured (or not available) on your web server

If you DO NOT want SigGen, or if you cannot get GD2 to work on your server, you can just delete the folder from the addons directory /addons/siggen/ and that will remove all traces of SigGen

File Structure

Here are the files as of v0.2.3 and where they should be located -->

Here are the files and where they should be located -->

  • /addons/
    • /siggen/
      • av.php (avatar front end)
      • conf.php
      • default.css
      • index.php
      • localization.php
      • menu.php
      • sig.php (signature front end)
      • siggen.php (siggen generator code)
      • trigger.php (auto-save character image trigger file)
      • /ava/ (default avatar saved folder)
      • /img/
        • (*).png
        • /background/
          • /imagepacks/
        • /character/
          • /imagepacks/
        • /class/
          • /imagepacks/
        • /members/ (default location for uploaded per-character images)
        • /pvp/
          • /imagepacks/
      • /inc/
        • /color/
          • /images/
            • (*).gif
          • color_functions.js
          • js_color_picker_v2.js
      • /templates/
        • (*).tpl
      • /sig/ (default signature saved folder)


Use sig.php for signatures, av.php for avatars
They are located in /addons/siggen/

So if your roster URL is

The files are at:

To get the graphic for a character named "Bob", use:

Alternatively, you can try to use these:

NOTE: This method for accessing SigGen does not work on all servers

For another method, you can use mod_rewrite to re-write the path to the generator files

To use the this method, you must have an Apache server with mod_rewrite turned on

.htaccess file (for Apache)
(Placed in the roster/ folder)

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(sig|av)/(.*).png$ ./addons/siggen/$1.php?member=$2 

There is a way to mimic mod_rewrite on IIS using an ISAPI filter
You need admin access to your IIS installation
I have not tested this, but I hear it does work

mod_rewrite.ini file (for IIS with URL Rewrite Filter for IIS)
(Placed in the roster/ folder)

Debug 0
Reload 1000
RewriteRule ^(sig|av)/(.*).png$ ./addons/siggen/$1.php?member=$2 

With the power of mod_rewrite you can access your images at:


Now that you are sure that GD2 works properly on your server, here is how to get SigGen working

Before you even start trying to access the signatures/avatars, you need to run the configuration page at

Log-in to SigGen Config

First you will need to Log-In to SigGen config

Fill in the password box
This is the same password that you use to log-in to Roster Config
This config page uses cookies so you don't have to log-in everytime you re-visit this page


This will set up the database tables and will give you great control over the look and feel of your signatures

Hit the big Install button

The next screen should show the following
Just follow the directions


This mode appears only when the following are true

If the database has not changed, the upgrade options will not appear

You have two options

SigGen Settings

Important Note
Alot of the settings on the SigConfig page have tooltips breifly describing what each function does
It's a VERY good idea to click Save Settings after you are done on each page, but it is not required
Note: Some settings will automatically "click" the Save Settings button

Advanced SigGen Options

The fine art of text placement

There are many options for adjusting the placement of the text within the image Here is a guide on how SigGen calculates where to draw the text

Alignment Horiz point Width of text Starts drawing Ends drawing
Left 200 50 200 250
0 30 0 30
395 10 395 405
Center 200 50 175 225
0 30 -15 15
350 10 345 355
Right 200 50 150 200
0 30 -30 0
350 10 340 350

Import / Export Settings

New in SigGen 0.2.0, you can export and import your SigGen settings for backup or sharing with others


When exporting, SigGen will only export that config mode
So if you are in Signature config mode, hitting Export will save the config settings for Signatures
The file saved will be siggen_signature.txt


When importing, SigGen will only accept text files name like this


Where configname is the name of the config mode you are currently in

SigGen will also deny importing of older and newer setting files
So if you saved from SigGen 0.2.0 (which is DBver 1.2) you cannot upload to a newer version if the DBver has changed

For example, if you have SigGen 0.2.5 and the db version changed to 1.3, then you could not load settings from a DBver lower than 1.3
Consequently, you could not import data saved from SigGen with DBver 1.3 to SigGen with DBver 1.2

Image Packs

New for SigGen 0.2.0, you can now use image packs
Image packs have a limited "themeing" ability in that you can specify code to handle how images are selected

Image packs are structured like so

  • img/
    • background/
      • pack1/
        • (image files)
      • pack2/
        • (image files)
    • character/
      • pack1/
        • (image files)
      • pack2/
        • (image files)
    • class/
      • pack1/
        • (image files)
      • pack2/
        • (image files)
    • pvp/
      • pack1/
        • (image files)
      • pack2/
        • (image files)
    • frame
      • (image files)
    • level
      • (image files)

Background image packs do not have a config file, there is no need for one since the Web config is already there

Class and PvP image packs have a file called
In this file, you specify the image extension tha will be used, either .png, .gif, or .jpg/.jpeg

Character image packs have a file called
Now this is where is gets interesting
(Some future version of SigGen will have a web config for this part, but not right now)

The file allows you to make an if statement to tell siggen.php how to pick a character image

If you do not include this file with a pack, then the default code will pick an image like this if character has race and gender, get race-gender.png

$char_ext = '.png';
if( !empty($sig_race) )
	// Set race-gender based image
	if( !empty($sig_gender) )
		// Set race-gender based image
		$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'].$configData['char_dir'].$sig_race.'-'.$sig_gender.$char_ext;
	// Set race only image
		$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'].$configData['char_dir'].$sig_race.$char_ext;
}	// Set default character image
	$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'].$configData['char_dir'].$configData['charlogo_default_image'];

Image packs like the teir3 pack pick an image based on race-gender-class.png

if ( !defined('ROSTER_INSTALLED') )
    exit('Detected invalid access to this file!');
$char_ext = '.png';
if( !empty($sig_race) )
	// Set race-gender based image
	if( !empty($sig_gender) )
		// Set race-gender-class based image
		if( !empty($sig_class) )
			$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'] . $configData['char_dir'] . $sig_race . '-' . $sig_gender . '-'
					. strtolower(getEnglishValue($sig_class,$sig_char_locale)) . $char_ext;
			$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'] . $configData['char_dir'] . $sig_race . '-' . $sig_gender . $char_ext;
	// Set race only image
		$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'].$configData['char_dir'].$sig_race.$char_ext;
}	// Set default character image
	$im_user_file = $configData['image_dir'].$configData['char_dir'].$configData['charlogo_default_image'];

siggen.php Direct Access and URL Switches

These are the arguments siggen.php will accept (applicable to sig.php, and av.php as well)

Custom Member Images

File:Addon siggen member-up-del.png
Custom Member Image Control


You can set custom images for each character for SigGen, and you can set a custom background as well

Getting images of characters
  1. Take a screenshot of your character in WoW
    Or even better, use WoW Model Viewer -
  2. Open your screenshot in your favorite image editor
  3. Edit out the background (make it transparent) and resize to fit inside the signature
    (With SigGen default settings, a good size is h-85px w-120px)
  4. Save it as .png, .gif, or .jpg format (24-bit .png with transparency is best and recommended)
Uploading to SigGen Config

The images you upload can be in .png, .gif, or .jpg format (24-bit .png with transparency is best and recommended)

Delete Member Images

This box will let you delete any currently uploaded images

Save Image Mode

File:Addon siggen savemode.png
SigGen Save Image Mode

This is how "Save Image Mode" works

When activated, every visit to siggen.php, sig.php, or av.php, when a name is specified, will generate the image and save it to the server as a static image

This mode is generally used in conjunction with the "Addon Update Trigger"

Auto-Save Images

File:Addon siggen autosave.png
Auto-Save on Character Update
File:Addon siggen autosave-guild.png
Auto-Save on Guild Update

Character Update

Auto-Save images for signatures and avatars

Combining the powers of "Save Image Mode" and "Addon Update Triggers", images can be automaticaly generated and saved on the server everytime update.php is ran

Turning these on will generate and save an image to the server's disk when a player updates their data
Only turn these on after you have configured the signatures

The "Saved Images Directory" has to exist for this to work

To activate, turn on "Auto-save image on character update" on the Main Settings page

Guild Update

This "auto-save mode" can also run during a guild update, which generates an image for every guild memeber

To activate, turn on "Auto-save images on guild update" on the Main Settings page

Important Note
You must also check the "Run Update Triggers" on update.php to activate this mode

WARNING: This can take a very long time.
Expect to wait up to 10 minutes, maybe even longer when this is activated

An image is generated and placed on the update page for every member in the guild
Please wait for the page to fully finish downloading all the images to have all of them saved correctly


File:Addon siggen backgdisabled.png
Background Config Disabled

Known bugs/weirdness

General FAQ

File:Addon siggen reset.png
Reset to Defaults
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