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Name: SMFSync
Author: Boyo
Date: 2010-12-18 03:39:57
Downloads: 19
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SMFSync beta svn[319] for Roster 2.0 Beta

I couldn't find a solution for syncing my members list to SMF, so I wrote my one, and wanted to share with the community.

What does this do?
-Create a member group for each rank in your guild.
-Put your members into the group which they belong in on a guild update.
-Set your users avatar to what you want (designed for use with SigGen)
-Set your users signature to what you want (again, designed for use with SigGen)
-Suspend a users account on separation from your guild, on guild update.
-Change a departed guild members group to a different one to allow for former members to still visit. *NEW in*
-Set your users "Location" to either the members Hearth or Zone (selectable, on player update, designed to work in conjunction with ArmorySync)
-Set the users Personal Text to their guild note, on guild update.
-Synchronize the SMF calendar with the addon GroupCalendar *NEW in*

Other important things-
-The addon does not enable itself by default, you need to go thru the settings and turn on what you want on. It is set by default to use guild 1, but can be changed.
-When the option to manage groups is turned on, it will not put members in the group if it hasn't been created yet. It will take two guild uploads to get it running 100%.
-Create groups turns itself off after a successful run so it's not trying to create them, causing excess queries on every guild update. Just turn it back on if your ranks change and run a guild update
-This only works with Roster 2 beta

Help me out by testing it, and reporting back any bugs you may encounter Here
Locale translations are welcomed.


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