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Name: Guildvault
Author: Nefuh
Date: 2008-03-04 05:33:13
Downloads: 9
Version: 10.2
Last Modified By: | Nefuh



* Display the new guildbank (with WoW Patch 2.3) as it shows in the game or sorted list
* Ordering System, Members can order items that are in the guildbank
* Link Items to Allakhazam, Thottbot, Buffed (german), SpeedyDragon (german) or WoWHead (default) when Ordering System is disabled
* Display Guildbanklogs
* Own Authorization System (Password) to protect Guildbanklog or Orders and configuration
* Get Itemprices from Allakhazam (optional) and display prices on itemtooltip
* Liveconfiguration from webfrontend
* Printable guildbanklogs and printable orderlist
* If set to display a sorted list, you can edit the /guildvault/include/filter.lib.php to set additional sorting filters

Before 1st uploading to your roster, edit conf.php and change the default password to a new (will be stored MD5 encoded).

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