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Name: ArmorySync
Author: Ulminia
Date: 2011-06-22 05:05:54
Downloads: 330
Last Modified By: | Ulminia


Armory sync no longer functions because of removal of xml armory an update is comming

Make sure to write enable your cache dir under "addons/armorysync"! No sopport for armory UNTILL 2.8.1 is released using the new xml feeds when they are ready!
test update
What is it?
  • It still syncs your characters with Blizzards Armory. It will do that for single chars, for the whole guild and for all chars on the same realm.
  • It synchronizes your guild member list.
  • It lets you add a completely new guild without any CP data.
  • As of that you will find five buttons in the menu. First in the character menu, second and third in the guild menu, fourth in the realm menu and last but not least the fifth in the admin menu.

What you need to know?
  • It only works with Roster 2.X.

What was tested yet?
  • German locales, of cause with five guilds and about 400 characters.
  • English locales with a British and an American guild with about 250 characters.
  • French locales with one guild with about 115 characters.
  • Spanish locales with one guild with about 90 characters.

be sure to download the armory.class.php file too ive updated it as well...

 Change Log

Armory Sync
[*]added new caching
[*]added newer curl function
[*]Updates for fields in armory
[*]changes to work with new Roster armory.lib


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