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Name: Quest History
Author: Nefuh
Date: 2008-11-25 01:41:19
Downloads: 22
Last Modified By: | Nefuh


This addon displays:

Start Time, Finished Time, Level, Quest Title grouped by zones.

With the zone filter box (or by clicking on a zone) you´re able to show only quests in this zone.
You even can search for quest title, zone or member name in this addon.

How to update your quest data:

1. You need to have installed the addon "QuestGuru" and have solved some quests.
2. If the administrator of your roster has restricted the access to upload data, you need first to login with the correct password.
3. Go to "Update Profile", now you should see a new input field for the questguru.lua (if not you have not the needed rights)
4. Select your "QuestGuru.lua". You can find this file in "*WOWDIR*\WTF\Account\*ACCOUNT NAME*\*REALM*\*CHARACTER NAME*\QuestGuru.lua". Notice: The location shown by mouseover is not correct.
5. Click the button "Upload"
6. The data is stored in a temporary table and you need to assign the data to your character.
7. Open the "Utilities Menu" and click on the button "Assign Quests".
8. Select the guild the character is in.
9. Select the character to assign quests for.
10. All should now be done.

Now you can select your character from the "memberslist" and you will find a button "Quest History" in the "Character Panel".

For administrators:

You can setup some things in "Roster Configuration Panel" for this addon.

* Access | Here you can set the required access level to show the quest history for a character
* Assign Access | Here you can set the required access level to assign quests to a character
* Update Access | Here you can set the required access level to upload the QuestGuru.lua
* Sorting | Here you can set the default sorting for the quests in the zones
* Order | Here you can set the ordering for the quests in the zones (ascending or descending)
* Show Zone Filer | Here you can set if the Zone Filter Box on the top of the Quest History will be displayed.
* Show update instructions | Here you can set if the "Update Instructions" will be displayed on the bottom of the Quest History.
* Scrollbox Height | Here you can set the height of the scrollbox where the quests will be displayed in.

* Here you can set for each type of boxes used in the addon which border color is used. (Scrollbox, Zonebox, Update Instruction Box, Message Box, Assign Assistant Box)

Delete History:
* Here you can delete the quests history for any character that quests are assigned for. (This will delete all the data)


Now full parsed the QuestGuru.lua, so the addon is able to display additional questinformations as tooltip.

The tooltip now shows:

Rewards (the reward you selected is marked)
Start and End NPC with coordinates
XP or Money you get for the quest
Questtype (Dungeon, Group or Daily)
The level where you start the quest
The level where the quest is for
The level where you finished the quest
Honor you get for a quest

Hope you find this addon useful.


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