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Name: Karma History
Author: Tennessee
Date: 2008-06-06 06:24:04
Downloads: 6
Version: 1.1.1
Last Modified By: | Tennessee


The Karma History is a web based PHP Mysql language that runs on WoWRoster 1.7.3. addon framwork. It's major features are listed below.
Feature List
It's very fast :p
Self installs
Web based Conf interface (more to be added)
Fully customizable Item Links with two built in
Automatic linking the loot to where u have it set
Track looted items, current, overall and spent points and sort it
Show full or just by loot history Links and sort it, Example
Easy upload for your ni_karma.lua file web based interface.
Save and reduce upload time by only adding the changes made from last update
Display's last update time when u updated the points and loot in the menu.
Only update the current guild members and remove or pass the ones that isn't
Colorize your ranks by editing one file. (later to be added in the conf)
Colorize player name's by class they play
Sort by Title, Class, Date and Players and still sort by rows and what not

WowRoster 1.7.3 and there Requirements.
Ni Karma and there Requirements.

Readme html are in the file plz see thos for details
other lang's will be added i hope.

ver 1.1.1
Took Out allot of things that didn't fit in.
Added the ranks to the config for easy updating if u change your ranks around.
Item stats has been fixed to pass validation. So if u have stored cache I recommend u drop the table or flush it.
This ver should pass validation enjoy.

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