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Name: Karma History
Author: Tennessee
Date: 2008-06-15 21:30:37
Downloads: 28
Version: 2.0.2
Last Modified By: | Tennessee


The Karma History is a web based PHP Mysql language that runs on WoWRoster 2.0 addon framework. It's major features are listed below.
Feature List

Web based Config via config interface.
Fully customizable Item Links with two built in.
Automatic linking the loot to where u have it set
Track looted items, current, overall and spent points and sort it
Show full or just by loot history Links and sort it.
Easy upload for your ni_karma.lua file web based interface.
Save and reduce upload time by only adding the changes made from last update
Display's last update time when u updated the points and loot in the menu
Display's counted rank and class for a easy overall look.
Only update the current guild members and remove or pass the ones that isn't
Colorize your ranks in the config interface.
Colorize player name's by class they play
Sort by Title, Class, Date and Players and still sort by rows and what not
Added Support for muti guild and database.

WoWRoster 2.0 and its Requirements.
Ni Karma and there Requirements.
Note pad or any PHP editor like pspad.

readme txt is in the zip for details
other lang's will be added i hope.

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