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Name: WoWRosterDF
Author: WoWRoster Dev Team (Ported to Dragonfly™ by Anaxent)
Date: 2010-12-18 10:05:57
Downloads: 99
Last Modified By: | WoWRoster Dev Team (Ported to Dragonfly™ by Anaxent)


WoWRosterDF was made to plug right into DragonflyCMS with out the need of editing any files and a seemless look and design with the rest of your DRagonFlyCMS site.

Yes i know it has been a very long time since I have brought out a new version of this long awaited WoWRosterDF. Now wait no more it is now here, the version is the .0 will allow me to do updated when needed. In reality this really should be a beta but for some reason when I make betas they never become releases this new version will now upgrade any previous version of WoWRosterDF.

the download has been seperated into 2 zip files one of which is the images used.

File Structure:

/html/ - root of dragonflycms install
/html/blocks/ - blocks for WoWRosterDF
/html/images/wowrosterdf/ - Image location for roster images to allow many installs of roster to use the same images
/html/modules/WoWRosterDF/ - WoWrosterDF main files


1. unpack the zip file
2. Upload the contents of the html directory to the root of your dragonflycms install
3. Head to the admin modules area and either click install for fresh install or edit then upgrade if you are upgrading from a previous version.

Uploading to WoWRosterDF:
To upload guild data you will need to be logged into the site as an admin as I have taken out all admin passwords using DF auth.

After you have done this go to your modules admin area and click on install. Once dragonflyCMS says that the module is now installed you should see a new image and config section with in the info area of your dragonflyCMS config. this is where you will configure your roster and then update it.

To install the roster more than once follow all the same directions as above but change the module/WoWRosterDF to a difrent folder name like module/HordeRoster and so on.

Reasons to use DragonFlyCMS:

# Dragonfly Core Acceleration
10x speed increase compared to PHP-Nuke
30% reduction in base code
MMCache and eAccelerator control support (if installed on server)
Site-wide cache-based template system
Site-wide cached configuration system

# Dragonfly Database Acceleration
Replaced all $dbi calls to $db
Uses 50% fewer database querys than most PHP-Nuke derivatives
Advanced database query (verbose) debugging
MySQL 4.0.x support (MySQL 5.x and PostgreSQL 8.x are in CVS)

# Advanced Security
Secured against UNION and other attacks
Selectable security code (shown only where and to whom you want)
Security code is based on theme
Admin section and members logins controlled by sessions
Allow cookie names to be changed
Works without register globals

# i18n UTF-8 Integration
International language support
Dragonfly autodetects the users language and sets as default.
Configurable by user or admin override
All languages fully UTF-8 encoded, simplified file structure
Afrikaans, Shqip, عربي, Bosanski, Basque, Brazilian Português, Chinese simplified, 汉语 , Български, Český, Dansk, Nederlands, Eesti, پارسى, Suomi, Français, Galego, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Magyarul, Íslenska, Indonesian, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Kurdi, Latvisks, Lietuvių, македонски, Melayu, Norsk, Polski, Português, Româneste, Pусский, Srpski, Slovenský, Slovenščina, Español, Kiswahili, Svensk, ไทย, Türkçe, Uyghurche, Українська, Tiếng Việt, and English

# Coppermine Photo Gallery
Multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery
Complete groups integration and adminstration
Supports uploads and user galleries

# Forums
High powered, fully scalable, bulletin board package
Groups Integration and Administration
Fully integrated phpBB 2.0.x (
Clean linking (session ID is removed from URL)
Attachment Mod, Topic Icons Mod and Merge Topics Mod included

# BBcode Enhancements
Use BBcode in all postings
HTML support (admin only)
Multimedia support (flash, video, etc.)

# Advanced Administration Features
Installer with rollback support in case of failure
Which sideblocks to show on module level
Groups Administration allows the restriction of a module or block to a given group
Members Administration (admin area)
Sub-Administrator admin, allows the administrators of a given module or set of modules
Custom smiles with i18n language support
Admin menu ordered by category
Unrestricted HTML for admin posts
Ordered news (allows you to arrange the order of news)
BBcode news stories and submissons
Send member private message on registration
Debugging system and page query list
Admin notepad for sharing messages with other admins
Server information module
Administrators can always change their password

# Custom Group Features
Blocks: Set blocks to be visible only to group members
Messages: Set messages to be visible only to group members
Modules: Set modules to be visible only to group members

# Dragonfly Theme Features
Theme preview system
Themes have collapsible sideblocks
Hide left / all blocks on command

# Dragonfly Custom Features
Preview theme system
Language selection block (select international languages i18n)
Send newsletter to a group
Highly advanced "My Account" module
Add-ons system, just install what you need
Integrated quick reply to forums and private messages
Integrated forum attachments
Integrated forum topic icons
"Tell a Friend" module, to replace "Recommend Us"
Site statistics include recognition of Mozilla, Firefox and Safari web browsers and search engine identification and advanced bot detection
Search module allows sitewide searching
FAQ module includes searching and sorting

# My Account
Customizable COPPA agreement form (memberships config area)
Customizable user registration page (memberships config area)
Completely configurable memberships (memberships config area)
Advanced avatar system including upload and avatar size checking

# EMail Support
Full site-wide SMTP/PHP mail, email support.

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WoWRoster Download Section Developed and Designed By Joe Foster(ulminia) for information on obtaining a copy email me at