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Name: SigGen
Author: zanix
Date: 2011-08-27 03:09:41
Downloads: 136
Last Modified By: | zanix


A configurable signature and avatar generator that uses character data from WoWRoster.
These signatures/avatars can be used for web forums, they will show a character's level, membership, rank, trade skill levels, and other information.
The information displayed in the images will be as up to date as the information in WoWRoster.

  • Interface to configure the look and layout of images generated
  • Everything can be arranged fairly easily, text colors can be changed, almost everything can be displayed/hidden
  • Custom per-member character images and backgrounds
  • Support for background, character, and icon image sets
  • Multiple image configuration modes with the ability to export/import configuration files
  • Saving generated images as static images
  • Characters that do not have detailed info uploaded will show limited information on a default background

Updates, changes, bug fixes, support, etc...
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Installation Info

For the full install of SigGen, download the "siggen_xxx_xxx" version
If you are looking to upgrade SigGen, download the same file

You can download the Photoshop files I used to make the default layouts below

This is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
So if it blows up your server it's not my fault

 Change Log

08.26.2011 - v0.3.3.523
  • Changed license to GPL v3
  • Many fixes for Roster v2.1
    • config has been updated to match Roster's new theme
    • Uses Roster's messaging system
    • Changed some select drop downs to not have a --none-- option
  • Changed: Right-clicking to save images should now save as [name@region-server.ext]
  • SigGen now shows the active talent build and spec
  • Added Worgen, Goblin, and Death Knight character images
  • Added Worgen and Goblin background images

07.01.08 - v0.3.2.409
  • SigGen
    • Fixed: Color selections
    • Fixed: Plus/Minus images

07.01.08 - v0.3.2.408
  • SigGen
    • Added: Talent Spec Icons
    • Fixed: Translations array
      • SigGen now uses Roster's 'class_to_en' and 'race_to_en' local arrays

02.06.08 - v0.3.1.363
  • Important Note
    • Clear Directory is still broken, it WILL remove ALL images in the saved directory regardless of which guild is updated
  • SigGen
    • Added: Ability to add new config modes and delete them
    • Changed: Put back in 'save_char_convert' to convert accents in saved images
    • Fixed: Reset to defaults function

02.01.08 - v0.3.0.360
  • SigGen
    • Fixed: Notice error during lua updates
    • Changed: Simplified character images view code
  • SigGen Config
    • Fixed: Removed getMessage()

01.28.08 - v0.3.0.355
  • SigGen
    • Fixed: Some more fixes to cleardir, this time in the update hook
      This is still not completely fixed

01.26.08 - v0.3.0.353
  • SigGen
    • Fixed: Changed SigGen Config and the update hook to use cleardir not clear_dir

01.25.08 - v0.3.0.352
  • SigGen
    • Added: .htaccess url for SigGen image display
    • Fixed: "Data truncated for column 'clear_dir'"
    • Fixed: Update hook error "There was an error in addon siggen in method ---"

12.17.07 - v0.3.0.339
  • SigGen
    • Fixed: Update hook, moved clear directory into guild_pre(), since leaving it in guild() would clear the dir for each member
    • Fixed: getEnglishValue() was incorrectly checking if !is_null($locale)

12.16.07 - v0.3.0.328
  • SigGen
    • Changed: Tab content initialization for Roster build 1527

12.05.07 - v0.3.0.322
  • SigGen
    • Changed: Now using member= for id, again
      • a=c: will still work, but member= overrides it
    • Changed: Saved images back to name@rc-realm.ext
    • Changed: Preview images will not show if there are no siggen config rows (might never happen but you never know)

12.13.07 - v0.3.0.321
  • SigGen
    • Fixed: Preview image
      • The link still needs to reflect the link settings
    • Fixed: Missing ` in installer sql

11.28.07 - v0.3.0.320
  • Important Changes
    • Ported to Roster 2.0
    • Supports multi guild and public abilities in Roster
    • Accessing an image uses member= with either a member id, name, name@realm, or name@RC-realm
      • name= access is now gone for good. Don't bother me about it
    • Images for auto save are now saved as Charname@RC-Realm.ext (ext is the chosen image extention)
  • SigGen
    • Changed: SigGen display on character page now shows the url with the image extension when SEO mode is enabled in Roster
    • Changed: Removed av.php and sig.php, these are legacy files and are no longer needed
    • Fixed: Fixed "The install definition file for siggen did not contain a correct installation class"
  • SigGen Generator
    • Fixed: etag dating, I have no idea why db_ver was added to the date
    • Changed: Access to SigGen image generator now uses the roster addon framework
      • I may put back in direct access to siggen.php but for now you must use the framework
      • roster/index.php?p=util-siggen-signature&member=##
      • (SEO) roster/util/siggen/signature/member=##.ext
      • This also means the path access sig.php/Name.png does not currently work, use mod_rewrite to bypass forum image restrictions
    • Changed: SigGen now saves images based on member id, this is to resolve the accent problem
  • SigGen Config
    • Added: Clear Saved Directory setting
      • This will clear the save directory on a guild auto-save
    • Added: Added config to show different kinds of links on SigGen display page (default, force seo, saved)
    • Added: Clear saved directory setting, this will clear the save directory on a guild auto-save
    • Fixed: Settings Import will now show the correct error message instead of %1$s
    • Fixed: Updated some tooltips that haven't been updated in some time
    • Fixed: Notice error when no preview image is selected
    • Changed: Layout has been re-formated due to the layout in RosterCP
    • Changed: Settings Import will no longer reject older db exports, but it will reject newer ones
    • Changed: Removed the sql query window
    • Changed: Config Select will now show all available configs in the siggen table
      • In other words for those that figured out that multiple display designs can be made this way, all the configs will show in the config select box
    • Changed: Save directory replacement changes
      • %s% is now %s
      • %r% is now %r
      • Seems that encasing something in % makes it a wild card in SQL
    • Changed: Cleaned up functions class of all unused code and up to Roster Coding Standards
    • Changed: Now using addon.basename for part of the cookies used
    • Removed: Check for new version as Roster 2.0 does this now


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