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Name: NetherPanel (jUniUploader)
Author: Maarten Billemont
Date: 2010-12-02 21:53:09
Downloads: 241
Version: 1.08-rc1
Last Modified By: | Maarten Billemont


jUniUploader has been revamped, and is currently in an ALPHA state, has does not yet have all the features the old jUniUploader had. It's been built from the ground up with various coding practices kept in mind. jUniUploader REQUIRES Java 5; but several features are only available when the user runs Java 6. Java is available for free from

I've focused my attentions to looks, usability, and functionality. I value Ace addons very much, and also the ability to update them directly from the Ace SVN. As such this jUniUploader comes with a built-in addon manager that can check the Ace SVN seamlessly.

I think you will be impressed with the feature base I have so far; but do provide me with constructive advice, comments, and feature-requests, should you have any.

Alright; let me introduce the animal.

It's basically a Java application that you use to start WoW. It replaces the WoW launcher from blizzard and automatically uploads your character data to the guild website so that it is available in the roster and for future guild homepage features.

In any case; one of the extras that jUU will take care of, is keep your addons nicely up to date, and make sure you have all the addons installed that are required by the guild. No more browsing websites to try and find the up-to-date versions of your addons every patchday.

Let me outline the current features:
  • Features:
    • Automatically uploads your WoW characters' information to the guild roster.
      • Without your intervention.
      • As soon as new information is available (upon reloadui or log off).
    • Quickly get to where you need to go!
    • Launch WoW button.
    • Guild homepage button.
    • Guild forums button.
    • Guild roster button.
    • Easy to manage, appealing to look at.
    • Straight-forward interface.
    • Elegant design.
    • Customizable color themes.
    • Full-screen / windowed mode.
    • Translucent splash screen.
  • Only shows itself when you want it to.
    • Hides in the System Tray.
    • System Tray menu has relevant links; for example, to launch WoW.
    • Great for having it auto-start with your computer.
  • Full-featured Addon manager.
    • Lists all installable addons (from the guild UniAdmin, or directly from the Ace SVN) along with their descriptions.
    • A search box helps you browse long addon lists easily.
    • Can update your addons on request from the guild UniAdmin.
    • Can update Ace addons to their very latest version directly from the Ace SVN.
    • Can show detailed differences in color between the old and new versions of addons upon upgrade.
    • Can clean up unneeded files in your addon directory.
    • Can prevent the installation of change logs and embedded libraries.
    • Can prevent the deletion of custom files (such as custom textures) based on a Regular Expression pattern.
  • Very flexible and configurable.
    • Nearly any feature can be configured.
    • Configuration options are immediately applied. No need to restart anything.
    • Auto-Update feature checks for newer versions and installs them if available.
  • Very OS-friendly.
    • Windows.
    • Mac.
    • Linux.
  • Custom guild logos.
    • Displays guild logos configured in UniAdmin.
    • Supports transparancy and PNG translucency for some interesting eye-candy.
  • Supports WebStart.
    • You can now start jUU directly from the guild webpage without needing to install anything!
    • Just click the jUniUploader link and the program will start on your computer. (Try it by clicking the jUniUploader screenshot in this thread)

jUU is still in active development. What you will download from here is an Alpha version. It will upload your data to the guild roster for you as soon as you told it where you've installed WoW, and it should let you start WoW too. I haven't gotten round to testing everything, and the testing that I did do was mostly in Linux, some Windows, but as I have no Mac, I will rely on your input for clearing the bugs related to Macs. I would really like for as many people to just try this one out, and tell me whether it works or not, and what they think of it. Any features you can think of will be increadibly welcome.

So, here goes, the link. You just download the zip file, extract it to some folder (like in C:\Program Files), and then go into the jUniUploader folder, click the jUUU.exe icon in Windows, or the jUniUploader icon in Linux or Mac to start it. I suppose you might want to make a shortcut to it on your desktop if you intend to use this (which you probably should by the time it's finished).

Have fun!

This application requires AT LEAST Java 5!
Some extra features (System tray, opening webpages, sending email) require Java 6!

Java is FREE, and you should update to the very latest version, if only for the improved speed, stability, prettyness and security!
Download Java 6 Here

Start it without needing to install it (Click the image):

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