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Name: Guild Stats
Author: David Parvin
Date: 2007-05-24 23:42:32
Downloads: 8
Version: 1.7.11
Last Modified By: | David Parvin


This addon shows you how many toons you have in each class and at different levels. It can be used as a tool to help with recruiting other members to better balance the guild.

The guild is broken down by class and then each class is broken down by level groups.

Here is an example: Casual Gamerz Guild Stats Page

You have two options in the conf.php file. The first tells the page if you want guild bank characters included in the stats or not, and the second one tells the number of decimal places to use for average levels.

Finally, the page is localized for English and German, but if you can translate the English or German one to some other language, just place the new file in the localization directory and the page will use it. It will also use what you have put in for your language and use the English version for the words you have not done yet so you can test it as you go. If you do a translation, please upload it so we can all benefit.

1.7.4 - Added German translation and fixed a hiding problem.
1.7.5 - Missed translating the 'Class with the least number of 60s'.
1.7.6 - I put in the wrong translation key for the class with the least number of 60s.
1.7.7 - found that the tooltip for the members uploaded was saying percentage of guild instead of percentage of class.
1.7.8 - Fixed an error with getting images for different languages. Added French translation file.
1.7.9 - Added the ability to turn off the average level bars by changing config variables in the conf.php file.
1.7.11 - Changed the code so it will now handle level 1-70 instead of just to 60.

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