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Name: publicDelete for Public Roster
Author: Zeryl
Date: 2006-07-31 08:42:33
Downloads: 6
Version: 1.0.1
Last Modified By: | Zeryl


This is for Public Roster only
Get publicDelete for normal Roster for WoWRoster

This addon will allow for deletion of uploaded characters from the database. Originally was written for PoloDude for use in his Public Roster, but release in case anyone else could use something similar.

Requires roster admin password to delete characters.

Note: While this will delete all the info for the specified character(s), it does not prevent the data from being re-uploaded again. This mod also will NOT work on the regular roster, please download publicDelete for non-public roster.

v1.0.0 = Initial Release
v1.0.1 = Added deDE translations thanks to yamyam

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