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Name: Witch Hunt
Author: Carasak
Date: 2007-05-08 22:07:21
Downloads: 38
Version: 1.2
Last Modified By: | Carasak


Addon for roster admins only
Shows which main character uploaded when his characterprofile and sets a visual alarm to people who didnt upload in the last X days (while X is configurable).
Also shows who never uploaded.

easy to install just unzip into addon directory

$addon_conf['witchHunt']['field'] = 'guild_rank';
// <=,=,>=,<,>, LIKE,...
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['criteria'] = '<=';
//search string to check for..can enhance with sql wildcard %..example %test finds all words ending with test..wildcard has to be combined with criteria "like"
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['searchSring'] = '4';
//admin only or FFA
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['admin'] = true;
// Activity range
// default values are: 0-2 weeks = active, 2weeks - 1month semi active, >1 month inactive
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['activeMeasure1'] = 'week';
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['activeMeasure2'] = 'month';
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['activeCount1'] = 2;
$addon_conf['witchHunt']['activeCount2'] = 1;

localization done for enUS,deDE,esES,frFR

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