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If you look at a page in MediaWiki, you'll find three main navigation elements: The sidebar on the left gives you access to important pages in the Wiki like recent changes or file upload. At the top of the page are the links which belong to the page currently displayed: its associated discussion page, the version history, and - most notably - the edit link. In the top right corner you'll find, as an anonymous user, the link to create an account and login (they are on the same page). As a logged-in user you have a collection of personal links, like the one to your user page or your preferences.



A click on the logo brings you back to the start page of the wiki. The links take you to important pages in the wiki, they can be configured by site administrators of the individual wikis


The toolbox contains a selection of links which change depending on what type of page you are viewing.

On all pages (except special pages):

On all pages (including special pages):

The function and use of the default special pages can be found in the special pages section of this manual.

Page Tabs

Default page tabs at the top of the page

The page tabs are displayed at the top of the article to the right of the site logo (if using the default MonoBook skin). These tabs allow you to perform actions or view pages that are related to the current article. The available default actions include: viewing, editing, and discussing the current article. The specific tabs displayed on your pages depend on whether or not you are logged into the wiki and whether you have sysop (administrator) privileges on the wiki. On special pages only the namespace tab is displayed.

Default for all users
namespace (article, help, special page, template, user page etc.)
edit (may be view source if anonymous editing is enabled, the page is in the MediaWiki namespace or the page is protected)
Extra tabs for logged in users
Extra tabs for sysops

Extra tabs may be added, or some taken away, by wiki administrators using JavaScript or adding extensions so these may be different depending on which wiki you are using.

User Links

Default user links at the top right of the page

The user links are displayed at the top far right of the article (if using the default MonoBook skin). These tabs allow the logged-in user to view and edit their user page and wiki preferences. Additionally, the user links allow the user to quickly access their contributions to the wiki and logout.

For anonymous users the user links is replaced by a link to the wiki login page or, if enabled, a link to your ip address and your ip address's talk page.

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