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Name: Interface Image Pack
Author: WoWRoster Dev Team
Date: 2014-12-05 14:09:06
Downloads: 1424
Version: 6.0.3
Last Modified By: | WoWRoster Dev Team


Version numbers for the interface image pack match the version of WoW that the images were extracted from! - will contain all the latest images in png and jpg format OR currently is the latest packages
    • This file contains icons were extracted from WoW 3.0.2
    • Image packs with _png are PNG format, make sure you change the "Interface Image Extension" setting in WoWRoster to "png"

Notes: Some patches do not add new items/icons, just download the image pack with the latest version number

The image pack for WoWRoster 2.0 is different than for 1.7.3
There is no Interface Image Pack for WoWRoster 1.7.3 as it is no longer supported.

For New Installations:
Download, extract, and install WoWRoster
Then download and extract the image pack into the folder "rosterdir/img"

Upgrades for the Interface Image Pack:
Download and extract the image pack upgrade into the folder "rosterdir/img"

The default install of the Interface Image Pack for WoWRoster 2.0 should have this directory structure
Code: Select all
|_ img/
   |_ Interface/
      |_ Icons/
      |_ ItemSocketingFrame/
      |_ PVPRankBadges/
      |_ Spellbook/
      |_ TalentFrame/

14254 icons
474 Icon updates
  • 174 New icons png format
4.0.3a Folder structure and file count
8,349 total images
[PNG] Packed - 34.9 MB (36,671,015 bytes)
[JPG] Packed -
  • Interface
    • Icons (8273)
    • ItemSocketingFrame (4)
    • PvPRankBadges (17)
    • Spellbook (21)
    • TalentFrame (34)

 Change Log

  • Added new file for 4.2 upgrade images 174 in total png format


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