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Name: WoWRoster
Author: WoWRoster Dev Team
Date: 2012-09-09 16:16:17
Downloads: 2834
Version: 2.3.0
Last Modified By: | WoWRoster Dev Team


WoWRoster organizes all of the data collected via WoW AddOns, provides a suite of presentations for the gathered data, and houses a base for addons to access and manipulate Roster data, displays addon links in the Roster menu, and presents output to users in a web accessible interface

Don't forget to check up on any patches for WoWRoster!

Web Server Requirements:
Please Read this

Install Instructions:
That is it!

You will of course need users to download and use WoWRoster-Profiler, and at least one user to additionally use WoWRoster-GuildProfiler
Then users will need to upload their wowroster.lua files. Or have them use UniUploader and it will upload their files for them.
UniUploader can also help keep your Guild members' required and optional addons up-to-date using UniAdmin.

Optional Install Method for users with Linux Shell Access:
The WoWRoster install shell script. Tested on Linux, probably works on MacOSX. Will not work on Windows.
  • Download "shell_install.txt"
  • Rename to ""
  • Upload to where you want Roster installed
  • Open ssh shell or some other shell access
  • chmod the file with execute privileges [chmod +rx]
  • Run "" (sh ./ and follow the prompts
  • The script will automatically download the Roster core files and Interface Image Pack directly to your server from

Optional Additions
If you want to host the Interface Imagepack on your server instead of using
  • Download and extract the Interface Image Pack into the folder "roster/img"
  • Configure RosterCP and set the Interface Imagepack location to "roster/img"

Upgrades for Roster:
You have three options
  • Use RosterDiag, found in Roster via RosterCP
  • If an upgrade pack is available, download and extract "roster_upgrade_xxx_to_xxx"
  • Download and extract "roster_vX_X_X"

Read Upgrading_Roster for more information

PSD (Adobe Photoshop) Template Images
There are currently no .psd images for WoWRoster 2.X
They will be added when we find them...

 Change Log

The complete Change Log can be found on our WiKi\r\n\r\n


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