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WoW Data uploader and updater

Current release:

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UniUploader is a powerful tool used to transfer data from WoW to a web site, and/or back from the website to WoW. UU uploads data from and/or writes data to the SavedVariables files (which are used by WoW Addons to store and retrieve data). UU is designed so that you can configure and distribute it to guild members. It is highly customizable, and built to provide as many configuration options as possible while keeping the GUI simple and easy to understand. The exe is extremely lightweight, efficient, and runs in the background monitoring the files for changes, and optionally uploads the selected files when they are changed. Files are uploaded via the HTTP POST method.

UU can be used in conjunction with UA (UniAdmin), which is used to distribute guild addons, automatically update all of the guildies' UU logos (to your guild logos), and keep your guildies' UU settings the way you want them. Whether it be CT_raid assist, or character profiler, or whatever your guild needs to stay constantly up to date, UA handles them easily. You just upload all the updated addons to UA, and UU updates all of your guildies addons.

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