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UniUploader Basic Setup

This is a guide for the basic setup of UniUploader without using any optional/advanced features.
I will refer to the URL that SavedVariable files are to be uploaded to as the "interface".

Step 1

Use the dropdown menu to choose your language.

Step 1

Step 2

Fill this field in, this is the "interface" that the files will be uploaded to.

Info.png Note: For Roster, it usually looks something like http://someurl.com/roster/index.php?p=update
Step 2

Step 3

Choose your World of Warcraft account from the drop down menu.
(SV files are saved by WoW on a by-account basis)
This will not be transmitted to the URL you are uploading to
Only the file names of the files uploaded are transmitted

Step 3

Step 4

If your upload interface requires a username and/or password, check the checkbox "Use User/Pass".
Fill in the fields respectivley.

Warning.png Warning: NEVER EVER enter your World of Warcraft user name or password here!
This is the user name and password to access the update interface ONLY
Step 4

Step 5

Hit the "Show SVs" button, the form will extend to the right, showing all of the "Saved Variables" in a checklist.

Step 5

Step 6

Check all of the required SVs that are to be uploaded to the interface.
Checking more SVs than what is needed won't hurt anything, but is generally a waste of bandwidth.
Hit the "Hide SVs" button again to hide the checklist.

Info.png Note: For Roster, the default files checked should be CharacterProfiler and PvPLog (PvPLog is optional).
Some addons for Roster may require more SV files to be checked.
Step 6

Step 7

All set! now just hit the upload button, and everything should work its magic

Step 7
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