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If you do not want this or can not do this because of license restrictions, please do not edit.


Warning.png Source is on GitHub: This documentation is outdated since the code was moved to GitHub

What is This?

This is a central location for WoWRoster Addons and their Developers (Roster or WoW addons) to store and publish their works
It is the preferred method of for storing the code for WoWRoster Addons
You are more than welcome to provide your own system, or create your own Google Code Project

Do I Need to Register?

Only if you are an addon developer (Roster or WoW addons) and require write priveleges to Google Code
Otherwise you can still browse and download from Google Code anonymously

You need to have a valid Google Account email address, details are on Google Code

How Do I Publish My Addon?

  1. Download Tortoise SVN
    • Or choose your own SVN client, it doesn't matter to us
  2. Read our SVN Rules
  3. Read on how to use Tortoise SVN
    • For other clients, you are on your own
  4. Google Account
    • You must use or create a Google Account which you will use with Tortoise SVN (or another SVN client) to access and write to the Project
  5. Create a new folder in the root of the repository with the name of your addon (letters and numbers only, no special characters please)
  6. Place your addon files in the folder
  7. SVN Commit your folder

What is my User Name and Password?

Username: The email address you used for a Google Account
Password: Look in Google Code Settings for your password or here

How do I change my password?

Visit this page

I Forgot My Password

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