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Roster Installation

Installation guide

Installation Overview


Local Interface Images

Installing Roster


phpMyAdmin Create Database
phpMyAdmin Database Created

This step is optional

The installer can attempt to create the database, if you provide a user with sufficient privileges to do so.
This information will not be stored and only used in the creation of the database.

Create, or have ready a MySQL database that WoWRoster can use.
It should already have a user name and password assigned to it.
(See Figure 'phpMyAdmin Create Database')
(See Figure 'phpMyAdmin Database Created')

Step 1

Making sure to keep the directory structure intact, move the unzipped files to a web-accessible directory. (see Hints section above)

Step 2

This step might not be necessary
This may only be needed if you are having problems running or installing Roster

All files and directories should be owned by your web server's user/group
(Example: chown apache.apache -R *).
All .php files should be readable

$ chmod a+r -R *.php

Step 3

If you want the installation script to automatically set up your conf.php file for you, it should be readable/writable

Note: The installer will attempt to do this for you, but should an error occur, you may need to do this manually:

$ chmod 666 conf.php

Step 4

WoWRoster Install Step 0

Browse to www.[domain].com/roster/

You should be presented with a license agreement page.
(See Figure 'WoWRoster Install Step 0')

If you see the error message "You removed the license.txt file. This file MUST be present to install WoWRoster!"
Then you must restore the license.txt file
Part of the agreement to install and use WoWRoster is keeping this file intact.

Click the [ I Agree ] button.

WoWRoster Install Step 1

You should be presented with a page describing your server's settings and information.
Once you are sure that your server meets WoWRoster's requirements, you can click the [ Start Install ] button.
(See Figure 'WoWRoster Install Step 1')

On this step, you may be presented with information or errors

Under "Directory Access" if you see a red image next to "Cache:"
Hover over the image for more information

If you see "Connection to failed." in the "Version" box
This means your server cannot contact for latest version checking during the install

If all is good in the universe, you will see this message
"Roster has scanned your server and determined that it meets the minimum requirements."

Click the [ Start Install ] button.

Step 4-1
WoWRoster Install Step 2

(Figure 'WoWRoster Install Step 2')

Create Database Options If you would like the installer to create the database, you can enter the db user with permissions to create a database here
This information will NOT be saved

Step 4-2

WoWRoster Administrator Account Setup

A message about MySQL will always appear, this is mainly informational unless your MySQL server version is not high enough to run WoWRoster

MySQL server version 4.1.0 or higher is required for Roster.

You are running:

    * Your server version: 5.0.45-Debian_1ubuntu3.3-log
    * Your client version: 5.0.45

Your server meets the MySQL requirements for Roster.

Your configuration file has been written with the initial values
But installation will not be complete until you create an administrator account in this step
WoWRoster Install Step 3

(See Figure 'WoWRoster Install Step 3')

After you're satisfied with the values for the above fields, click the [ Proceed] button to continue.

Step 5

WoWRoster Install Step 4

The installer will automatically fill your conf.php file.
(See Figure 'WoWRoster Install Step 4')

If the creation of conf.php failed, the installer will give you code to copy and paste in this file.

You will be notified if your passwords didn't match, and it will be reset to a default of "admin"
You can change this later by going to Roster Config.

This will also be the password for the Officer/Upload and Guild/User logins, change them via RosterCP

Enter your WoWRoster Admin password to navigate to the After Install Guide
The After Install Guide helps you configure WoWRoster for first time use
you can skip this step by clicking "Skip install guide ->"

You should now have a functional installation of WoWRoster.
Remove the files install.php, upgrade.php and the install/ folder for extra security.

Navigate to Roster Control Panel
This is where you can configure all aspects of WoWRoster.

Upgrading Roster

As always, we recommend a fresh install, in a clean folder, and a clean database.
But for those that absolutely need to upgrade, we have worked really hard for you on the upgrade script.

Special Instructions for < Version 2.0.0

There is no upgrade path from versions lower than 2.0.0

This is because Roster 2.0.0 gathers much more data from WoW than earlier versions and causes errors in the core files when the database is upgraded.

General Instructions

Step 1


This cannot be stressed enough.

You should consider using phpMyAdmin (
This can use 'Completed Inserts' that will be necessary if you need to restore the database.

Step 2

Seriously, go back up your database since you skipped step 1.

Step 3

Back up your conf.php file.
Usually we would never touch this file during an upgrade...but just in case something weird happens

Step 4

Unzip the new WoWRoster version.
Overwrite ALL files!
It's best to delete everything in the roster folder EXCEPT! your conf.php file first, before copying over files.

Step 5

Access www.[domain].com/roster

Select the version you're upgrading from.
The script will perform all the necessary changes to upgrade from the version you selected to the newest version.

Step 6

Navigate to RosterCP, this is where you can configure all aspects of WoWRoster.

Remove the file install.php for extra security.

Re-Installing Roster

Perhaps there has been some weird problem that you cannot solve
Such as database corruption, updating errors, data errors, etc...

You can try re-installing Roster

Pre re-install

Make sure you have the install directory and install.php in your roster folder on your web server

Step 1

Delete conf.php from the roster directory

Step 2

Drop all `roster_` tables in the database you created for Roster
Note: `roster_` may be different if you changed the table prefix

You can also just drop the database you created for Roster
If you didn't create a new database for Roster, use the first method for removing the tables

Step 3

Run install.php

Un-Installing Roster

First of all, we'd like to thank you for trying our software and hope it was a good experience for you
Sometimes Roster doesn't work on all servers although we try our best to improve this aspect

Step 1

Remove/delete the roster directory from your webserver

Step 2

Drop all `roster_` tables in the database you created for Roster
Note: `roster_` may be different if you changed the table prefix

You can also just drop the database you created for Roster
If you didn't create a new database for Roster, use the first method for removing the tables

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