table view for Cat. Guild Bank?

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table view for Cat. Guild Bank?

Postby sturmy » Wed Sep 06, 2006 5:55 pm

Hi all,

I just had this request from guildmates, I'll rephrase it a bit (they won't complain... or will they?).

Guildmate 1: "Man, I love the table view of GuildBank above the 'addon' stuff, I'm just sad it can't be sorted by bank/mule char"
Guildmate 2: "Boy, the categorized view rocks (thingy below your addon text on the main page), but I hate going on every item to see the description of the items"

*sigh* I'm willing to please both, which means to add a table view to Cat. Guild Bank "à la" guildbank -integrated to Roster- and/or offer a sort criteria to GuildBank (as a parameter in the options maybe?) per mule char. But SQL and PHP are too far in my past to be productive.

Can anyone offer a helping hand?
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