My own hacked up public roster

Roster modified to work with multiple guilds, or characters with no guild
WoWRoster v2.0.0 and later now includes this feature

My own hacked up public roster

Postby vgjunkie » Sat Sep 16, 2006 1:52 am

I toyed around with this public roster version and found it had some short comings. I decided to go ahead and start to put together my own "Public Roster", so I started with a fresh install of the normal WoW Roster and began to hack away at it.

While I"m not 100% done, I have most of the core stuff done (Except SigGen Addon and GuildBank Addon). I'd say 95% of my changes are completed. I thought I'd take the time to give you all a preview of what I was working on.

I'd like some feedback on bugs and/or ideas that might make it better. Now I work a normal job, so this is sort of a side project for me, a hobby if you will. I can't guarantee that I will accomodate any bug findings or ideas in a timely fashion, but please feel free to list things here. is where you can test it out. I have currently populated it with some of my own data.

Please also note that I will be using this site for the ongoing developement of my side project, so please don't expect the uptime of this to be 100%, nor expect everything to work. In order to prevent my database from getting too large, I will also be periodically wiping out the data and starting fresh (which might be a daily thing).

Note: It might not fully work with anything other then the enUS localization. I'll work on getting it compatible with others.

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My own hacked up public roster

Postby johnnydement » Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:57 pm

Looks nice, but I would prefer it to show all players, and with the option to filter as you do, but first showing all players on all servers :D

Keep the good work
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