Raid Attendance (Not RKP/DKP or Loot)

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Raid Attendance (Not RKP/DKP or Loot)

Postby Bajah » Sat Sep 16, 2006 2:36 am

I have in mind the development of a raid attendance utility that would improve on how raid rosters are generated.

My ideal solution would have the following functions:

Keep track of a list of up to 250 individuals and the following attributes:

Player Info - ie name, guild affiliation, app/member status, etc.
Number of raids attended (lifetime)
Number of raids on standby (lifetime)
Number of raids attended (past 90 days)
Number of raids on standby (past 90 days)
Primary character class
Primary character skill focus (dps, protection, frost, etc)
Primary character level
Primary character gear status (green, blue, T1, T2, T3)
...secondary character info similiar to primary
...tertiary character info similiar to primary

Method of quickly inputting that player's sign up for a raid and character preferences (ie secondary first - but primary is available if needed)

Method of preparing a ranked output of each selected category based on 90 day ratio of standby:(standby+attended). Categories to include classes (rogues, hunters, shaman) and class+spec (frost mages, defensive warriors) based on a quick selection.

Method of updating the data to input who was on standby or attended a raid - independent of who signed up.

Method of sorting from a select box who has highest 90 day raid attendance (player) from those selected. (ie for Nef head if Tank, Mage, and Priest wanted it - I could quickly run this and select those folks and it would output who has highest 90 day raid attendance.)

Is this something that anyone would have any interest in assisting with?
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