still cant u/l file

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still cant u/l file

Postby hula73 » Sun Sep 17, 2006 4:43 am

alright i have tried everything...
running phpnuke 7.8
iis6 (i am stuck w. this....YUCK)

i can get the roster to install via the mod, but it keeps telling me guild name has not been errors in log...nothing, just blank..
Yes i only u/l via the admin roster button
yes the lua file is correct
yes to the guild name being correct(copied from lua) same for server name

I am soo stumped and have no clue of what to do...

i can give access to anyone who wants a shot...i will pay $$$$

i dont want to spend another whole day getting this working

Thanxs for at Least looking at this post!!! :compress:
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