RegEx Matching

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RegEx Matching

Postby LavaIce » Fri Jul 07, 2006 6:52 am

Currently we have a public note that contains the name of the Main Character if it is an Alt. I have not familar enough with RegEx to properly modify the RegEx string for this.

Additionally what would be the other settings need to be.

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Re: RegEx Matching

Postby PleegWat » Fri Jul 07, 2006 2:25 pm


Set no result and invalid main to main.
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RegEx Matching

Postby LavaIce » Tue Jul 11, 2006 4:57 am

Followed your directions and it does not appear to be working.

Our Roster

Update Log Output:

Edy has main Edy

Edy is a main

Edy has no alts

Quikcast has main Quikcast

Quikcast is a main

Quikcast has no alts

Rajunswoman has main Rajunswoman

Rajunswoman is a main

Rajunswoman has no alts

Sliceu has main Sliceu

Sliceu is a main

Sliceu has no alts

Colmag has main Colmag

Colmag is a main

Colmag has no alts

Thetroll has main Thetroll

Thetroll is a main

Thetroll has no alts

Shaey has main Shaey

Shaey is a main

Shaey has no alts

Ulalu has main Ulalu

Ulalu is a main

Ulalu has no alts

Thepackbank has main Thepackbank

Thepackbank is a main

Thepackbank has no alts

Quikdots has main Quikdots

Quikdots is a main

Quikdots has no alts

Rektar has main Rektar

Rektar is a main

Rektar has no alts

Detroit has main Detroit

Detroit is a main

Detroit has no alts

Nurfwarlocks has main Nurfwarlocks

Nurfwarlocks is a main

Nurfwarlocks has no alts

Coffemachine has main Coffemachine

Coffemachine is a main

Coffemachine has no alts

Noldari has main Noldari

Noldari is a main

Noldari has no alts

Tribalfury has main Tribalfury

Tribalfury is a main

Tribalfury has no alts

Agenan has main w

Agenan is an alt to w

Agenan has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Shamenator has main Shamenator

Shamenator is a main

Shamenator has no alts

Weedinneed has main w

Weedinneed is an alt to w

Weedinneed has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Lakineo has main Lakineo

Lakineo is a main

Lakineo has no alts

Grishnakk has main Grishnakk

Grishnakk is a main

Grishnakk has no alts

Bvddy has main Bvddy

Bvddy is a main

Bvddy has no alts

Chickz has main Chickz

Chickz is a main

Chickz has no alts

Dagg has main w

Dagg is an alt to w

Dagg has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Kelesyn has main Kelesyn

Kelesyn is a main

Kelesyn has no alts

Kajunpriest has main Kajunpriest

Kajunpriest is a main

Kajunpriest has no alts

Fateless has main Fateless

Fateless is a main

Fateless has no alts

Beri has main Beri

Beri is a main

Beri has no alts

Anotherkill has main w

Anotherkill is an alt to w

Anotherkill has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Groova has main Groova

Groova is a main

Groova has no alts

Moony has main Moony

Moony is a main

Moony has no alts

Elrabbi has main Elrabbi

Elrabbi is a main

Elrabbi has no alts

Gunnana has main Gunnana

Gunnana is a main

Gunnana has no alts

Yyrx has main Yyrx

Yyrx is a main

Yyrx has no alts

Shoshaunah has main Shoshaunah

Shoshaunah is a main

Shoshaunah has no alts

Diceu has main Diceu

Diceu is a main

Diceu has no alts

Frankinstein has main Frankinstein

Frankinstein is a main

Frankinstein has no alts

Bustamoov has main Bustamoov

Bustamoov is a main

Bustamoov has no alts

Witchcraft has main Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a main

Witchcraft has no alts

Raino has main Raino

Raino is a main

Raino has no alts

Rovv has main Rovv

Rovv is a main

Rovv has no alts

Povv has main Povv

Povv is a main

Povv has no alts

Druitster has main Druitster

Druitster is a main

Druitster has no alts

Quikheal has main Quikheal

Quikheal is a main

Quikheal has no alts

Thefallen has main Thefallen

Thefallen is a main

Thefallen has no alts

Fihoarne has main Fihoarne

Fihoarne is a main

Fihoarne has no alts

Poorboy has main Poorboy

Poorboy is a main

Poorboy has no alts

Aoichan has main Aoichan

Aoichan is a main

Aoichan has no alts

Freax has main Freax

Freax is a main

Freax has no alts

Singleflower has main Singleflower

Singleflower is a main

Singleflower has no alts

Logung has main Logung

Logung is a main

Logung has no alts

Udderlicious has main Udderlicious

Udderlicious is a main

Udderlicious has no alts

Quikdraw has main Quikdraw

Quikdraw is a main

Quikdraw has no alts

Cnote has main Cnote

Cnote is a main

Cnote has no alts

Thirr has main Thirr

Thirr is a main

Thirr has no alts

Sarakpyrstrm has main Sarakpyrstrm

Sarakpyrstrm is a main

Sarakpyrstrm has no alts

Takutalah has main Takutalah

Takutalah is a main

Takutalah has no alts

Silyrabit has main Silyrabit

Silyrabit is a main

Silyrabit has no alts

Kodan has main Kodan

Kodan is a main

Kodan has no alts

Lynnaisling has main Lynnaisling

Lynnaisling is a main

Lynnaisling has no alts

Renif has main w

Renif is an alt to w

Renif has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Zkenpachi has main Zkenpachi

Zkenpachi is a main

Zkenpachi has no alts

Lcrazyi has main Lcrazyi

Lcrazyi is a main

Lcrazyi has no alts

Trinklet has main Trinklet

Trinklet is a main

Trinklet has no alts

Hayubez has main Hayubez

Hayubez is a main

Hayubez has no alts

Soggywaffles has main Soggywaffles

Soggywaffles is a main

Soggywaffles has no alts

Jamalshi has main Jamalshi

Jamalshi is a main

Jamalshi has no alts

Metta has main Metta

Metta is a main

Metta has no alts

Awkan has main Awkan

Awkan is a main

Awkan has no alts

Solarstrike has main Solarstrike

Solarstrike is a main

Solarstrike has no alts

Truewarriorr has main Truewarriorr

Truewarriorr is a main

Truewarriorr has no alts

Asterion has main Asterion

Asterion is a main

Asterion has no alts

Fearbomb has main Fearbomb

Fearbomb is a main

Fearbomb has no alts

Rekles has main Rekles

Rekles is a main

Rekles has no alts

Nurfrogues has main Nurfrogues

Nurfrogues is a main

Nurfrogues has no alts

Bittorrant has main Bittorrant

Bittorrant is a main

Bittorrant has no alts

Bustanautz has main Bustanautz

Bustanautz is a main

Bustanautz has no alts

Amalaric has main Amalaric

Amalaric is a main

Amalaric has no alts

Emalaric has main Emalaric

Emalaric is a main

Emalaric has no alts

Drxrated has main Drxrated

Drxrated is a main

Drxrated has no alts

Lopao has main Lopao

Lopao is a main

Lopao has no alts

Hailselassie has main Hailselassie

Hailselassie is a main

Hailselassie has no alts

Rastafarus has main Rastafarus

Rastafarus is a main

Rastafarus has no alts

Tomatoman has main Tomatoman

Tomatoman is a main

Tomatoman has no alts

Mayra has main Mayra

Mayra is a main

Mayra has no alts

Yuuku has main Yuuku

Yuuku is a main

Yuuku has no alts

Ricksavage has main Ricksavage

Ricksavage is a main

Ricksavage has no alts

Bellafon has main Bellafon

Bellafon is a main

Bellafon has no alts

Chuckroast has main Chuckroast

Chuckroast is a main

Chuckroast has no alts

Morloche has main Morloche

Morloche is a main

Morloche has no alts

Schishkabob has main Schishkabob

Schishkabob is a main

Schishkabob has no alts

Bustaskullz has main Bustaskullz

Bustaskullz is a main

Bustaskullz has no alts

Sixofnine has main Sixofnine

Sixofnine is a main

Sixofnine has no alts

Sxyn has main Sxyn

Sxyn is a main

Sxyn has no alts

Therighthand has main w

Therighthand is an alt to w

Therighthand has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Cyros has main Cyros

Cyros is a main

Cyros has no alts

Nononond has main Nononond

Nononond is a main

Nononond has no alts

Destructar has main Destructar

Destructar is a main

Destructar has no alts

Sanford has main Sanford

Sanford is a main

Sanford has no alts

Demonslayer has main Demonslayer

Demonslayer is a main

Demonslayer has no alts

Pudder has main Pudder

Pudder is a main

Pudder has no alts

Carpenocturm has main Carpenocturm

Carpenocturm is a main

Carpenocturm has no alts

Lavaice has main Lavaice

Lavaice is a main

Lavaice has no alts

Miyaggi has main Miyaggi

Miyaggi is a main

Miyaggi has no alts

Sambokarah has main Sambokarah

Sambokarah is a main

Sambokarah has no alts

Healthy has main Healthy

Healthy is a main

Healthy has no alts

Potini has main Potini

Potini is a main

Potini has no alts

Impaller has main Impaller

Impaller is a main

Impaller has no alts

Phattycow has main Phattycow

Phattycow is a main

Phattycow has no alts

Granbidit has main Granbidit

Granbidit is a main

Granbidit has no alts

Chickolet has main Chickolet

Chickolet is a main

Chickolet has no alts

Zenfel has main Zenfel

Zenfel is a main

Zenfel has no alts

Violah has main Violah

Violah is a main

Violah has no alts

Ryft has main Ryft

Ryft is a main

Ryft has no alts

Nector has main w

Nector is an alt to w

Nector has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Chassy has main Chassy

Chassy is a main

Chassy has no alts

Crunked has main Crunked

Crunked is a main

Crunked has no alts

Spittfire has main Spittfire

Spittfire is a main

Spittfire has no alts

Rotgus has main Rotgus

Rotgus is a main

Rotgus has no alts

Kusarikku has main Kusarikku

Kusarikku is a main

Kusarikku has no alts

Hedknight has main Hedknight

Hedknight is a main

Hedknight has no alts

Morloch has main Morloch

Morloch is a main

Morloch has no alts

Get has main Get

Get is a main

Get has no alts

Chewincud has main Chewincud

Chewincud is a main

Chewincud has no alts

Ichibod has main Ichibod

Ichibod is a main

Ichibod has no alts

Shazamy has main Shazamy

Shazamy is a main

Shazamy has no alts

Gungfu has main Gungfu

Gungfu is a main

Gungfu has no alts

Cerika has main Cerika

Cerika is a main

Cerika has no alts

Carnis has main Carnis

Carnis is a main

Carnis has no alts

Joefus has main Joefus

Joefus is a main

Joefus has no alts

Ammorin has main Ammorin

Ammorin is a main

Ammorin has no alts

Zodiac has main Zodiac

Zodiac is a main

Zodiac has no alts

Pudderswife has main Pudderswife

Pudderswife is a main

Pudderswife has no alts

Townsend has main Townsend

Townsend is a main

Townsend has no alts

Sabrosa has main Sabrosa

Sabrosa is a main

Sabrosa has no alts

Longsword has main Longsword

Longsword is a main

Longsword has no alts

Rochelle has main Rochelle

Rochelle is a main

Rochelle has no alts

Agog has main Agog

Agog is a main

Agog has no alts

Slöth has main Slöth

Slöth is a main

Slöth has no alts

Malonion has main Malonion

Malonion is a main

Malonion has no alts

Sakate has main Sakate

Sakate is a main

Sakate has no alts

Colstavise has main Colstavise

Colstavise is a main

Colstavise has no alts

Overholt has main Overholt

Overholt is a main

Overholt has no alts

Nosgorath has main Nosgorath

Nosgorath is a main

Nosgorath has no alts

Murdokk has main Murdokk

Murdokk is a main

Murdokk has no alts

Morbius has main Morbius

Morbius is a main

Morbius has no alts

Xvi has main Xvi

Xvi is a main

Xvi has no alts

Dummy has main w

Dummy is an alt to w

Dummy has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Tegdayen has main Tegdayen

Tegdayen is a main

Tegdayen has no alts

Zep has main Zep

Zep is a main

Zep has no alts

Shaquandaa has main Shaquandaa

Shaquandaa is a main

Shaquandaa has no alts

Maninthebox has main Maninthebox

Maninthebox is a main

Maninthebox has no alts

Mercalv has main Mercalv

Mercalv is a main

Mercalv has no alts

Pumpa has main Pumpa

Pumpa is a main

Pumpa has no alts

Bustazz has main Bustazz

Bustazz is a main

Bustazz has no alts

Muon has main Muon

Muon is a main

Muon has no alts

Urahara has main Urahara

Urahara is a main

Urahara has no alts

Greymouser has main Greymouser

Greymouser is a main

Greymouser has no alts

Xyzzy has main Xyzzy

Xyzzy is a main

Xyzzy has no alts

Elkabang has main Elkabang

Elkabang is a main

Elkabang has no alts

Demora has main Demora

Demora is a main

Demora has no alts

Mutorcsnatas has main Mutorcsnatas

Mutorcsnatas is a main

Mutorcsnatas has no alts

Deadpeople has main Deadpeople

Deadpeople is a main

Deadpeople has no alts

Adrain has main Adrain

Adrain is a main

Adrain has no alts

Evildela has main Evildela

Evildela is a main

Evildela has no alts

Rukya has main Rukya

Rukya is a main

Rukya has no alts

Akula has main Akula

Akula is a main

Akula has no alts

Laiken has main Laiken

Laiken is a main

Laiken has no alts

Kajunsminion has main Kajunsminion

Kajunsminion is a main

Kajunsminion has no alts

Drunkmoney has main Drunkmoney

Drunkmoney is a main

Drunkmoney has no alts

Reaps has main Reaps

Reaps is a main

Reaps has no alts

Thealynn has main Thealynn

Thealynn is a main

Thealynn has no alts

Pbori has main Pbori

Pbori is a main

Pbori has no alts

Bustagroov has main Bustagroov

Bustagroov is a main

Bustagroov has no alts

Ahnae has main Ahnae

Ahnae is a main

Ahnae has no alts

Warmnfuzzy has main Warmnfuzzy

Warmnfuzzy is a main

Warmnfuzzy has no alts

Maori has main Maori

Maori is a main

Maori has no alts

Rhinox has main Rhinox

Rhinox is a main

Rhinox has no alts

Hornsolo has main Hornsolo

Hornsolo is a main

Hornsolo has no alts

Toxictrix has main Toxictrix

Toxictrix is a main

Toxictrix has no alts

Thepackmats has main Thepackmats

Thepackmats is a main

Thepackmats has no alts

Thepackrat has main Thepackrat

Thepackrat is a main

Thepackrat has no alts

Kyuchiru has main Kyuchiru

Kyuchiru is a main

Kyuchiru has no alts

Justify has main Justify

Justify is a main

Justify has no alts

Nosfartu has main Nosfartu

Nosfartu is a main

Nosfartu has no alts

Ld has main Ld

Ld is a main

Ld has no alts

Talyn has main Talyn

Talyn is a main

Talyn has no alts

Knuckls has main Knuckls

Knuckls is a main

Knuckls has no alts

Moonysbro has main Moonysbro

Moonysbro is a main

Moonysbro has no alts

Goronoble has main W

Goronoble is an alt to W

Goronoble has invalid main name W, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Kerzeck has main Kerzeck

Kerzeck is a main

Kerzeck has no alts

Stealthkajun has main Stealthkajun

Stealthkajun is a main

Stealthkajun has no alts

Voxious has main Voxious

Voxious is a main

Voxious has no alts

Rajunkajun has main Rajunkajun

Rajunkajun is a main

Rajunkajun has no alts

Typhoren has main Typhoren

Typhoren is a main

Typhoren has no alts

Unholykajun has main Unholykajun

Unholykajun is a main

Unholykajun has no alts

Foxxtrot has main Foxxtrot

Foxxtrot is a main

Foxxtrot has no alts

Alky has main Alky

Alky is a main

Alky has no alts

Whitswarrior has main w

Whitswarrior is an alt to w

Whitswarrior has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Carrior has main Carrior

Carrior is a main

Carrior has no alts

Zaknafeir has main Zaknafeir

Zaknafeir is a main

Zaknafeir has no alts

Flownder has main Flownder

Flownder is a main

Flownder has no alts

Cherri has main Cherri

Cherri is a main

Cherri has no alts

Landbeast has main Landbeast

Landbeast is a main

Landbeast has no alts

Pierce has main Pierce

Pierce is a main

Pierce has no alts

Khrujl has main Khrujl

Khrujl is a main

Khrujl has no alts

Raggedbone has main Raggedbone

Raggedbone is a main

Raggedbone has no alts

Dianobol has main Dianobol

Dianobol is a main

Dianobol has no alts

Maleah has main Maleah

Maleah is a main

Maleah has no alts

Zukashi has main Zukashi

Zukashi is a main

Zukashi has no alts

Clush has main w

Clush is an alt to w

Clush has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Ragehorn has main Ragehorn

Ragehorn is a main

Ragehorn has no alts

Aac has main Aac

Aac is a main

Aac has no alts

Jultax has main Jultax

Jultax is a main

Jultax has no alts

Mooshoo has main Mooshoo

Mooshoo is a main

Mooshoo has no alts

Holykajun has main Holykajun

Holykajun is a main

Holykajun has no alts

Tsukage has main Tsukage

Tsukage is a main

Tsukage has no alts

Hitch has main Hitch

Hitch is a main

Hitch has no alts

Negrita has main Negrita

Negrita is a main

Negrita has no alts

Jslady has main W

Jslady is an alt to W

Jslady has invalid main name W, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Itwasme has main Itwasme

Itwasme is a main

Itwasme has no alts

Sapnstab has main Sapnstab

Sapnstab is a main

Sapnstab has no alts

Avory has main Avory

Avory is a main

Avory has no alts

Onixx has main Onixx

Onixx is a main

Onixx has no alts

Malekyth has main Malekyth

Malekyth is a main

Malekyth has no alts

Paain has main Paain

Paain is a main

Paain has no alts

Acidman has main Acidman

Acidman is a main

Acidman has no alts

Stealthyone has main Stealthyone

Stealthyone is a main

Stealthyone has no alts

Tillanavoos has main Tillanavoos

Tillanavoos is a main

Tillanavoos has no alts

Kulgolyho has main Kulgolyho

Kulgolyho is a main

Kulgolyho has no alts

Notpovvsbro has main Notpovvsbro

Notpovvsbro is a main

Notpovvsbro has no alts

Spellhell has main W

Spellhell is an alt to W

Spellhell has invalid main name W, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Tictac has main Tictac

Tictac is a main

Tictac has no alts

Scare has main Scare

Scare is a main

Scare has no alts

Zinkio has main Zinkio

Zinkio is a main

Zinkio has no alts

Kukaku has main Kukaku

Kukaku is a main

Kukaku has no alts

Vulcan has main Vulcan

Vulcan is a main

Vulcan has no alts

Nealio has main Nealio

Nealio is a main

Nealio has no alts

Zex has main Zex

Zex is a main

Zex has no alts

Gupaka has main Gupaka

Gupaka is a main

Gupaka has no alts

Zuberos has main Zuberos

Zuberos is a main

Zuberos has no alts

Dingleberrie has main Dingleberrie

Dingleberrie is a main

Dingleberrie has no alts

Bustabawlz has main Bustabawlz

Bustabawlz is a main

Bustabawlz has no alts

Furione has main Furione

Furione is a main

Furione has no alts

Devistation has main Devistation

Devistation is a main

Devistation has no alts

Felror has main Felror

Felror is a main

Felror has no alts

Phooke has main Phooke

Phooke is a main

Phooke has no alts

Beme has main Beme

Beme is a main

Beme has no alts

Zugfu has main Zugfu

Zugfu is a main

Zugfu has no alts

Bladeroast has main Bladeroast

Bladeroast is a main

Bladeroast has no alts

Aarrgghh has main Aarrgghh

Aarrgghh is a main

Aarrgghh has no alts

Koleslaw has main Koleslaw

Koleslaw is a main

Koleslaw has no alts

Bizkitngravi has main Bizkitngravi

Bizkitngravi is a main

Bizkitngravi has no alts

Bloodlover has main W

Bloodlover is an alt to W

Bloodlover has invalid main name W, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Makemyday has main Makemyday

Makemyday is a main

Makemyday has no alts

Sudon has main Sudon

Sudon is a main

Sudon has no alts

Krawl has main W

Krawl is an alt to W

Krawl has invalid main name W, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Babalooey has main Babalooey

Babalooey is a main

Babalooey has no alts

Spoonlove has main Spoonlove

Spoonlove is a main

Spoonlove has no alts

Xaeroth has main Xaeroth

Xaeroth is a main

Xaeroth has no alts

Getfighted has main Getfighted

Getfighted is a main

Getfighted has no alts

Suichi has main Suichi

Suichi is a main

Suichi has no alts

Steelock has main Steelock

Steelock is a main

Steelock has no alts

Hugecow has main Hugecow

Hugecow is a main

Hugecow has no alts

Arcayne has main Arcayne

Arcayne is a main

Arcayne has no alts

Irea has main Irea

Irea is a main

Irea has no alts

Vrilian has main Vrilian

Vrilian is a main

Vrilian has no alts

Xira has main Xira

Xira is a main

Xira has no alts

Neilgaiman has main Neilgaiman

Neilgaiman is a main

Neilgaiman has no alts

Incizion has main Incizion

Incizion is a main

Incizion has no alts

Ucalagon has main Ucalagon

Ucalagon is a main

Ucalagon has no alts

Ebk has main Ebk

Ebk is a main

Ebk has no alts

Telepath has main Telepath

Telepath is a main

Telepath has no alts

Areya has main Areya

Areya is a main

Areya has no alts

Phaytlis has main Phaytlis

Phaytlis is a main

Phaytlis has no alts

Chillinblade has main Chillinblade

Chillinblade is a main

Chillinblade has no alts

Colstavous has main Colstavous

Colstavous is a main

Colstavous has no alts

Garrim has main Garrim

Garrim is a main

Garrim has no alts

Ruffnek has main Ruffnek

Ruffnek is a main

Ruffnek has no alts

Kawraith has main Kawraith

Kawraith is a main

Kawraith has no alts

Forgivensin has main Forgivensin

Forgivensin is a main

Forgivensin has no alts

Brickert has main Brickert

Brickert is a main

Brickert has no alts

Goyzshh has main Goyzshh

Goyzshh is a main

Goyzshh has no alts

Thog has main w

Thog is an alt to w

Thog has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Unterbrecher has main Unterbrecher

Unterbrecher is a main

Unterbrecher has no alts

Xulah has main Xulah

Xulah is a main

Xulah has no alts

Imwithnub has main Imwithnub

Imwithnub is a main

Imwithnub has no alts

Cheezeit has main Cheezeit

Cheezeit is a main

Cheezeit has no alts

Ramsies has main Ramsies

Ramsies is a main

Ramsies has no alts

Nattydread has main Nattydread

Nattydread is a main

Nattydread has no alts

Mongar has main Mongar

Mongar is a main

Mongar has no alts

Themus has main Themus

Themus is a main

Themus has no alts

Nyzath has main Nyzath

Nyzath is a main

Nyzath has no alts

Bigmilky has main Bigmilky

Bigmilky is a main

Bigmilky has no alts

Linage has main Linage

Linage is a main

Linage has no alts

Crazyfists has main Crazyfists

Crazyfists is a main

Crazyfists has no alts

Sneakaboo has main Sneakaboo

Sneakaboo is a main

Sneakaboo has no alts

Evildark has main Evildark

Evildark is a main

Evildark has no alts

Potnia has main w

Potnia is an alt to w

Potnia has invalid main name w, so we're making him a main. He has alts.

Vayntressa has main Vayntressa

Vayntressa is a main

Vayntressa has no alts

Fooke has main Fooke

Fooke is a main

Fooke has no alts

Bowned has main Bowned

Bowned is a main

Bowned has no alts

Juusu has main Juusu

Juusu is a main

Juusu has no alts

Jug has main Jug

Jug is a main

Jug has no alts

Vashkyri has main Vashkyri

Vashkyri is a main

Vashkyri has no alts

Lexianne has main Lexianne

Lexianne is a main

Lexianne has no alts

Valdrent has main Valdrent

Valdrent is a main

Valdrent has no alts

Telekenesis has main Telekenesis

Telekenesis is a main

Telekenesis has no alts

Wooha has main Wooha

Wooha is a main

Wooha has no alts

Karmina has main Karmina

Karmina is a main

Karmina has no alts

Merderin has main Merderin

Merderin is a main

Merderin has no alts

Healmonkey has main Healmonkey

Healmonkey is a main

Healmonkey has no alts

Sacablague has main Sacablague

Sacablague is a main

Sacablague has no alts

Annihilate has main Annihilate

Annihilate is a main

Annihilate has no alts

Mareana has main Mareana

Mareana is a main

Mareana has no alts

Korruptor has main Korruptor

Korruptor is a main

Korruptor has no alts

Laurentide has main Laurentide

Laurentide is a main

Laurentide has no alts

Dreksul has main Dreksul

Dreksul is a main

Dreksul has no alts

Cursedgoat has main Cursedgoat

Cursedgoat is a main

Cursedgoat has no alts

Aybara has main Aybara

Aybara is a main

Aybara has no alts

Thric has main Thric

Thric is a main

Thric has no alts

Fatalerror has main Fatalerror

Fatalerror is a main

Fatalerror has no alts

Anguished has main Anguished

Anguished is a main

Anguished has no alts

Fucfu has main Fucfu

Fucfu is a main

Fucfu has no alts

Minka has main Minka

Minka is a main

Minka has no alts

Powwerhungry has main Powwerhungry

Powwerhungry is a main

Powwerhungry has no alts

Crysis has main Crysis

Crysis is a main

Crysis has no alts

Krall has main Krall

Krall is a main

Krall has no alts

Stopzilla has main Stopzilla

Stopzilla is a main

Stopzilla has no alts

Vidron has main Vidron

Vidron is a main

Vidron has no alts

Dharok has main Dharok

Dharok is a main

Dharok has no alts

Verex has main Verex

Verex is a main

Verex has no alts

Rorge has main Rorge

Rorge is a main

Rorge has no alts

Dantalion has main Dantalion

Dantalion is a main

Dantalion has no alts

Painkiller has main Painkiller

Painkiller is a main

Painkiller has no alts

Wet has main Wet

Wet is a main

Wet has no alts

Mofokrazy has main Mofokrazy

Mofokrazy is a main

Mofokrazy has no alts

Slushie has main Slushie

Slushie is a main

Slushie has no alts

Fishtacoz has main Fishtacoz

Fishtacoz is a main

Fishtacoz has no alts

Tamland has main Tamland

Tamland is a main

Tamland has no alts

Baalim has main Baalim

Baalim is a main

Baalim has no alts

Ruffneck has main Ruffneck

Ruffneck is a main

Ruffneck has no alts

Tobang has main Tobang

Tobang is a main

Tobang has no alts

Claire has main Claire

Claire is a main

Claire has no alts

Naquadria has main Naquadria

Naquadria is a main

Naquadria has no alts

Solmyer has main Solmyer

Solmyer is a main

Solmyer has no alts

Disloyal has main Disloyal

Disloyal is a main

Disloyal has no alts

Zexen has main Zexen

Zexen is a main

Zexen has no alts

Jerm has main Jerm

Jerm is a main

Jerm has no alts

Silithusmats has main Silithusmats

Silithusmats is a main

Silithusmats has no alts

Nurek has main Nurek

Nurek is a main

Nurek has no alts

Quikslice has main Quikslice

Quikslice is a main

Quikslice has no alts

Hazza has main Hazza

Hazza is a main

Hazza has no alts

Krauserz has main Krauserz

Krauserz is a main

Krauserz has no alts

Genesiss has main Genesiss

Genesiss is a main

Genesiss has no alts

Shdw has main Shdw

Shdw is a main

Shdw has no alts

Dotted has main Dotted

Dotted is a main

Dotted has no alts

Gornash has main Gornash

Gornash is a main

Gornash has no alts

Yomak has main Yomak

Yomak is a main

Yomak has no alts

Thepackrep has main Thepackrep

Thepackrep is a main

Thepackrep has no alts

Speechless has main Speechless

Speechless is a main

Speechless has no alts

Boramaja has main Boramaja

Boramaja is a main

Boramaja has no alts

Imadruidwoot has main Imadruidwoot

Imadruidwoot is a main

Imadruidwoot has no alts

Oggmog has main Oggmog

Oggmog is a main

Oggmog has no alts

Epidermis has main Epidermis

Epidermis is a main

Epidermis has no alts
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RegEx Matching

Postby PleegWat » Tue Jul 11, 2006 11:46 am

Your problem is the incorrect default regex in version 1.0.0. Change it back in the config to \([\w]+)\i. Note the \. If the \ disappears after saving, do a second submit and do two slashes.
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