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Postby Helm » Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:33 pm

Hello PPL,
if it is possible I like to request something, or maybe somebody can do me a lil favour.
Our Guild is very good in sharing and caring, most stuff ppl find goes to Bank to prepare or share Blues and Epics with the rest of the guild. Therefore the Guildbank is 1 of the most used features.

But therefore it is also a lil confusing sometimes (still, a great feature)
I would really like to have 2 Buttons, 1 GuildBank and 1 RaidBank, we have 4 Bankchars and i wud like to configure 2 for Guild and 2 for Raid, the Raidchars are only carrying Potions, Herbs to make the Potions etc. etc.

That wud give us/me a much easier overview of what we need for next xyz Try, people who are not such Geeks dont need to use the Filter Options in Guildbank, just a click and they see "Aha, for Vael we need 20 more Stonescale eels tonight"

If anybody can help me in this case It wud be much appreciated.
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