Roster module empty :(

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Roster module empty :(

Postby Borgleader » Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:57 am

Ok, I've installed the roster, and it seemed to have went without problems. But...after having deleted the install folder & install.php I click on the Roster link in the modules block and the page shows up empty.

Any idea on what I did wrong?

P.S : While I was waiting, I though I might add some more info in case it might help solving my problem so here is :
Unlike most websites, mine is split in two. So PHP-Nuke isnt in the root folder but in a subfolder called PHP_Nuke, the reason for this is I'm using 2 CMS' at the same time.
Also, I was trying to access the config page again, and once I entered the password it gave me an error page saying it couldnt find the file called modules.php.
In the original post I saif the page came up empty. I would also like to add that the footer of the page does not appear when I'm moving that particular module. (It does however appear when I view modules like Downloads, ...)
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Re: Roster module empty :(

Postby Hashberrie » Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:25 am

I'm having the same problem. It finally installed, and I got through the configuration to where it told me to delete the install.php and install folders. When I click on the roster module, it tells me:

Could not find guild: 'guildName' for server 'realmName'
You need to load your guild first and make sure you finished configuration

Click here for installation instructions

If I click load guild, its a blank page. If I click finish config, blank page. Installation instructions = the docs folder.

Can anyone help?

** Edit: After re-reading some posts, I don't seem to know how to click the maxres addon for that step of the installation.
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