[Solved] : Colorized french Classnames like in game [1.7.0]

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[Solved] : Colorized french Classnames like in game [1.7.0]

Postby Frigolet » Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:52 pm

Seen in some topics here : problems to have good colors for classnames in side french (frFR) enable roster 1.7.0

In fact, frFR localization translate also style shhet and display of good colors classes is broken (except for mage en paladin since french and english are same words)

To solve this add missing entries inside css stylesheet.

Edit the style.css file located in css folder from the root and add :

Code: Select all
/*Add Frigolet Localization frFR */
.classDruidetxt { color:#FF7C0A; }
.classChasseurtxt { color:#AAD372; }
.classMagetxt { color:#68CCEF; }
.classPaladintxt { color:#F48CBA; }
.classPrêtretxt { color:#FFFFFF; }
.classVoleurtxt { color:#FFF468; }
.classShamantxt { color:#F48CBA; }
.classDémonistetxt { color:#9382C9; }
.classGuerriertxt { color:#C69B6D; }
/* End Frigolet Localization frFR */

By doing that you're enabling class coloring like in game for frFR Roster setting.
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[Solved] : Colorized french Classnames like in game [1.7.0]

Postby zanix » Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:25 am

Thanks for the fix

As a side note, Roster 1.7.1 has localization free class coloring, much nicer :D
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