spezial charakters in charakternames

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spezial charakters in charakternames

Postby saig » Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:59 pm

my englisch is not so good but i hope u understand me ;)

i'm making a hp for my guild with php and sql
and i wanted to take (for the login) the names out of the roster members list! BUT there are son guild members with spezial charakters in their names and in the sql db they don't look like Iluvátar the look like Iluvátar .... and then the member Illuvátar wants to login the sql select will not find a member like Illuvátar because of there is only a Iluvátar ....
can u help me please .... i sat there at least 8hours in fron of my pc an ther were thousends of zigarrets and tons of coffe ^^ PLEAS HELP ME
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