vBulletin & WoWRoster questions

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vBulletin & WoWRoster questions

Postby case » Sun Oct 08, 2006 2:31 am

I dont like phpBB for many reasons and i have a licence of vBulletin and for all puposes intend on using it for my guild.

So my question is simple. How can i get the Authentication to work with vBulletin?

and second, is there any mods or way any one may know if of displaying your wowroster profile in the vBulletin profile of the user or at least linking to it? This i can probably hack together my self but I figure i ask first if some one has done the work all ready no point in redoing it.

For example lets say I have WowplayerMainCHar and my forum name is Case when you go to my forum profile you see my wowroster char for my main or link to it.

again that is low priority compared to getting Authentication to work with vBulletin thats my primary goal.
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vBulletin & WoWRoster questions

Postby zanix » Sun Oct 08, 2006 4:31 am

Well, in roster 1.7.1 we have removed the phpbb auth for uploading since it's a huge security risk
Roster 1.8 will have it's own auth system that can be modified to work with CMS apps

As far as I know, there are no addons that do what you ask
If you do "hack" something together, be sure to post it on the site (in the integration section of course) as I'm sure others would love anything you may come up with
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