The answer to CMS integration, authentication, etc...

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The answer to CMS integration, authentication, etc...

Postby zanix » Sun Oct 08, 2006 4:17 am

This question is only asked once in awhile so I figure it's time to place this in the FAQ section.

Our official stance on integration into a CMS (content management software) is as follows...

WoWRoster is designed as a standalone application and is not ment for integration into a CMS.
There are some briliant people who do work on porting WoWRoster to certain CMS's such as WoWRosterDF (for Dragonfly CMS) and WoWRoster for phpNuke, and they do a wonderful job sqeezing WoWRoster into a module for these CMS's.

In some cases, the devs of WoWRoster are willing to help with porting (I myself wrote the installation for WoWRosterDF) but this is only when they have the time and the want to do this.
Since version 1.6.0 we have tried to make WoWRoster easier to port to a CMS module (better css, pathing, html validity, and so on).
Our stance is that WoWRoster is enough to deal with on it's own, without having to worry about integration problems.

Also, addons made for WoWRoster are generally designed to run in the standalone version of WoWRoster. If they do not work in a ported version of WoWRoster, then they too must be ported. Some addon authors are willing to help with this process (and who better to help than the author :) ).
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