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Top Menu, please help

Postby stridar » Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:10 pm

I'm trying to remove the roster top menu, found a page refferencing this script:
// Make the header/menu/footer show by default
$roster_show_header = true;
$roster_show_menu = false;
$roster_show_footer = true;
which has worked for 4 of the pages total, I've tried it everywhere I could in the other pages and it just wont take, I noticed a dev here mentioning renaming the menu.php file to accomplish this(link) but this didn't do anything, the pages seem to be getting their menu's from somewhere else, or coded in differently. I'm trying to streamline roster into my main joomla site, I created a dropdown menu with all the roster pages and the last thing is to remove the menu's, so any help would be very appreciated.

I also found this post(link) which managed to get a few more pages fixed, but that still leaves 14 pages with menu's.
I'm running the most recent ver 1.7.1.

after several headaches and most of the day I've managed to find and remove the header menu on every normal and addon page, lol looks very nice now.
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