WoW cash joomla module, wrapped?

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WoW cash joomla module, wrapped?

Postby stridar » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:14 pm

I love the wowcash module for joomla, it queries roster chars cash amount and displays it on the joomla frontpage, but I recently noticed when you click on the name links they open in parent taking the whole page, would have thought it being a joomla module it would be wrapped by default. so my question is is there anyone that could help me convert it to be wrapped, so far the best I've done is create a wrap to /roster/char.php than try and amend '&server=Cenarius&action=character' to it, but it just wont work for me. if anyone knows how to, or has any idea's on how to accomplish this I'd really appreciate the help.

unedited wowcash code:
char.php?name=<?php echo $info['name']; ?>&server=Cenarius&action=character"

joomla wrapped char.php link:
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