20061102 Updated for Roster 1.7.1

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20061102 Updated for Roster 1.7.1

Postby DreadPickle » Fri Nov 03, 2006 6:10 am

20061102_171 updates to using new variables provided by Roster 1.7.1. It probably won't work with Roster 1.7.0; use 20061102_170 for that.

Updated to use Roster 1.7.1 $html_head & $body_action
Removed IE-only vertical fix.
Also created a version for Roster 1.7.0 that has the below fixes.
Added code to generate vertical text images for talent tree comparison. There is a perfomance hit with this
Updated config to control horizontal/text vs vertical/image.

!! At this time there are no plans to implement horizontal/image or to allow angle other than 0 and 90 degrees!!

This is the last time I provide separate packages. I will continue with the 1.7.1 and future versions of Roster only from here on out.
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