Fresh install problems

Installation issues with WoWRoster

Fresh install problems

Postby Lico » Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:56 pm


Today i decided to move from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1, doing a fresh install.

When i browse to install.php i end with with a blank page (after about 10secs of loading the page)

I've checked install instructions and reuploaded all files, but the page is still blank.

If I put in a dummy config.php and browse to install.php the page is displayed saying install is complete.

1.7.0 ran smoothly so im confused.

Any help out there ?
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Fresh install problems

Postby zanix » Sun Nov 26, 2006 7:26 pm

The installer hasn't changed much from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1

Look at your server logs and see if you are getting any errors
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Re: Fresh install problems

Postby Lico » Wed Nov 29, 2006 7:53 pm

Thanks for the reply.
I never got to discuss this with my host though, since they seem to have done something in the beginning of the week.

I just browsed there again (on the old uploaded files) and it worked just fine.
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