Removed members are not being deleted during upload

CharacterProfiler.lua file uploading issues

Removed members are not being deleted during upload

Postby levent » Sat Dec 02, 2006 7:04 pm

Well I changed absolutely nothing with my uniuploader or anything with roster. But suddenly removed/left members are not being deleted.

No error message at all so i cant give you a debug info. Everything seems ok but left/kicked memebers are not being deleted.

I tried those still not working:

- Refreshed my character profiler file. and exported guild again.
- 2 months ago i updated wowdb file due to similar problem.
- checked password and all stuff required.
- Tried manual upload with a freash lua file.

So if you can suggets me anything else please post. I couldnt find the exact problem in any other post.

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