possible bug found

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possible bug found

Postby WarInc » Mon Jul 10, 2006 12:05 am

Useing the new version of WoWroster and useing the supplied installer I installed the packages. I ran into a problem seting up the guild tho. I received the famed

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in config.php on line 300 error.

After searching teh forums and found that for some reason editing the mysql database was only means of fixing I attempted. Apon looking at the DB I found wowroster changed the name I entered O.o . The server I typed in was Aman'Thul ... but was saved as Aman\Thul. Which casused the php to not find the correct guild in the lua. So I attemted to do this again to make sure I wasnt being a complete tool. Behold it did the same thing to me again .. replaced the ' with a \ . SO perhapse the casuse to some people problems is the way in which the server named is saved to the variable. BUt I dont know php very well (mainly c++). Hope this helps:)
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