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Postby bbj911 » Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:55 am

Ive never seen rosterdf in action so i dont know if this is in there or not.

what i suggest is this:
in the userinfo box, add an option for "Wow characters"
when clicked on it it shows all characters that this forum user has uploaded ( that are in the guild )

Each character is shown by its avatar pic (siggen) and a option to select which is the main character ( tie back to alt-monitor? )

clicking on the avatar will goto the char stats page BUT, all pages will be visible regardless of roster setting ( so that you can still view your bags & money even though roster itself is configured no to do it that way. Maybe even set those roster visibility options on that screen ( and updating the roster settings at the same time )).

Some "secure" way of tieing DF users and roster chars together ( either by pulling data from a guild note, or by assiciating the 2 during upload.

I have many more ideas. Will post them and even code some of them once i have a working rosterdf up and running.
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