Patch for adding "totals" and "number of different items"

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Patch for adding "totals" and "number of different items"

Postby [PUPPETS]Gonzo » Mon Dec 18, 2006 3:56 am

To add counters of "totals" and "different items" to your cat. guildbank:

in the file gbank.php, just after the line containing
Code: Select all
                // Show the Column Header for this Category 


Code: Select all
                if (isset($itemsarray[$CategoryID]))
$anzahl 0;
$itemsarray[$CategoryID] as $myitem)
$num " ($anzahl, ".sizeof($itemsarray[$CategoryID])." verschiedene)";
$num "";

and change the next line to
Code: Select all
$content .= "<tr><th colspan='".$row_columns."' class='membersHeader'>".$wordings[$roster_conf['roster_lang']]['bankitem_'.$CategoryID]."$num<

(add $num to output)

You could change "verschiedene" to "different" or something similar, regarding to your localization

Example output in my 1.72 beta roster: ... =guildbank

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