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PvPLog 2.2.1

Postby bsmorgan » Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:12 pm

Edit: Get 2.2.2 instead.

Options were added (in the config menu) for setting Battlefield and Duel Record and Notify options. This will allow you to capture a subset of your PvP activity if you choose to do so. If you change the notify options, you have the choice to not spam your notify channel(s) while in the battlefields or while dueling.

The notifyKillText and notifyDeathText can now be modified. For example, to change it use:
Code: Select all
/pl killtext "I killed %n"
/pl deathtext "%n killed me"

For consistency, the slash commands for items set via the config frame have been removed. This was easier than adding all the new ones!

The localization.lua file was rearranged to group commands together (and more errors were fixed). This should make it easier for the translators (hint, hint).

Some unused fields (that never got updated) were removed from the PurgeLogData table in the savedvariables file. This will apply to new characters only (i.e. I didn't write code to remove these fields in existing data).

There were some other bug fixes and code rearranging.


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