Nuke Initially linking correctly then to 404 error

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Nuke Initially linking correctly then to 404 error

Postby krystar » Tue Jul 11, 2006 3:52 am

hey guys,

great module btw, my whole guild loves it.

1 problem tho, i have Roster installed in my: directory

Nuke gives me this link in the module links:

nuke recognizes it as a well working mod and allows me to click on it and it loads up the page.

my problem is that if i try and click on a character that has been uploaded. the link tries to get to:

where i get a 404 error, of course becuase its not there

its here:

It will work fine like the link above if you click "Roster" before you click on the first name. after you click roster first you can click any link and they all work fine.

other thing is that the logo on the top, with the graphic, when clicked on goes properly to the main page of the site, no matter what status the above link is. so im confused

can anyone help me please?


P.S. Im using Nuke 7.8
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