Beginner's Installation

Installation issues with WoWRoster

Beginner's Installation

Postby Khrysalis » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:18 pm

Hello, this is my first post and I apologize if this information is covered elsewhere. I looked through the FAQ but didnt find what I am looking for. I just uploaded all of the roster files/folders to my server and went to the index page.

The first prompt I get is

"Roster Installer has scanned your server and determined that it meets the requirements

The conf.php file does not exist and could not be created in Roster's root folder.
Although not critical, you should create this file and enable write access before proceeding.
If conf.php is not writable, you will be promtped to download this file, then upload it to your server. "

I click Start Install and am not sure what to put for:

Database host: would this be my server? (
Database name:
Database username: is this my FTP username?
Database password: is this my FTP pass?

Sorry, if anyone can help me get started I would really appreciate it. This looks like its an awesome program, just not sure how to get started. Thanks!

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Beginner's Installation

Postby zanix » Thu Jan 04, 2007 12:09 am

Look here as well ->
It give slightly more detailed installation info
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