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PvPLog 2.3.0

Postby bsmorgan » Wed Jan 03, 2007 10:44 pm

PvPLog 2.3.0 is now available in the downloads section.

The Statistics frame is now displayed (or hidden) when you left-click the minimap button. You can also use the slash commands (/pl pvp, /pl duel, /pl recent) to display the frame.

The Statistics frame now has tabs (PvP, Duel, Recent).

The Recent Statistics tab shows all non-BG PvP activity in the last 24 hours for all characters on the current realm. I call this the infamous "gank" list and I use it when I switch characters to make sure I avenge the death of a younger character by (hopefully) killing the right person! There are some opportunities for enhancement here such as allowing the time period to be variable, etc.

Also a few bug fixes including a minimap button error for first time users.

There's a remote possibility that recent changes to the PvPLog.lua savedvariables file may cause problems with WoWRoster uploads. If this happens to you, let us know (and have patience while it gets fixed).


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