Install fails with no error (timing out?)

Installation issues with WoWRoster

Re: Install fails with no error (timing out?)

Postby lythrdskynrd » Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:19 am

Further Information -
I have gotten it running on another webhost - and it went down a treat! :D

PHP Version


SO! it's clearly something going on with versioning <--- working system second host <--- initial base install <--- *

* Base install performed on the alternate webhost
phpMyAdmin roster tables copied via SQL export and sent to new server
conf.php file edited for proper connection info and uploaded

the only thing I could *POSSIBLY* have done wrong is in manually renaming upgrade / install and install I may have renamed update
instead of upgrade

once again ... checking when i get home from work


I think the new professional webhost is going to need a ticket submission for veersion updating
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