Roster stand alone 1.7.2 and php nuke 7.0 forum question

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Roster stand alone 1.7.2 and php nuke 7.0 forum question

Postby Elethil » Wed Jan 24, 2007 2:13 pm

A while back I did some editing with the help of a friend and we got it so in our forums on our php nuke site if you were a registered user and had uploaded your profile to our roster it would automatically set your siggen avatar to be your avatar on the nuke site. I've updated our version of roster since then and this no longer works. Im guessing that what ever file we modified in the roster files was replaced obviously when we upgraded. I for the life of me can't remember all that we modded back then. It was a while ago. on the nuke side of life I know we modified the viewtopic.php file. That's all I've been able to find so far. Anyone out there that may know off hand what this would of taken to get to work give me any thoughts Id love to hear. I do have an older backup copy that Im trying to comb though but I am at work and have limited time to work on this. It's really bugging me.

Thanks in advace!
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