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Xoops and Uniuploader

Postby mrdummy » Mon Jan 29, 2007 7:27 pm

I have Xoops with Wowroster X module.
It works good with manual upload.

But when i'm testing with Uniuploader, in the server response the access is blocked. That is correct, users must login for wowroster access.

When i do some tests, i discover Xoops don't catch 'uname' and 'pass' variables in update.php which causes permission denied. Upload is not possible.
Only when i make wowroster x for anonymous users, upload is possible.

Thus i need something more:
- some code for $_POST fields in upload.php to give login and pass quickly to Xoops for the access and the upload is possible.
- better code in Uniuploader to give it to Xoops for access login.

I do it tomorrow how i can fix the problem, but you may give your solution if you want.

Edit: after analyse, $_POST works in Uniuploader, but the problem is the session inside Xoops. For Uniuploader, a session must be build quickly (verification in common.php of Xoops) but can be made with hand in update.php of wowrosterx. I discover the cookie don't work. Uniuploader is like another browser.
Best place is common.php modification. I try to add some code to make it possible.
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Xoops and Uniuploader

Postby MattM » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:06 pm

sounds good, please let us know how this goes.
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Re: Xoops and Uniuploader

Postby mdeshane » Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:16 am

I'm hoping that the WRX module will be more compatible with UniUploader in the next version. In the meantime I will also be working on a port of UniAdmin for Xoops. You can find the topic in the Xoops Integration forum or HERE

Also, I look forward to finding out what changes can be made to the module to better allow compatability with UniUploader.
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