Noob trying to install

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Noob trying to install

Postby arturo » Wed Jul 12, 2006 9:02 pm

Hi all:

After some website problems we switched to Dragonfly and now we are trying to install wowrosterDF but although we follow all teh instructions at the install.txt it does not work.

I am really noob with draginfly and can't find out where the error is.

Steps done so far:

1. Created the sql database and user
2. Uploaded files
3. Switched manually all .php files to 755 (server does not let console access, so it took a while)
4. When i go to .../modules/cvsroster/install.php and execute it the message is "You don't have permission to access .../modules/cvsroster/index.php on this server."

Any clue?

Thanks in advance for any help i am sure this module will help guild alot and i wont launch the new site untill we get it working.
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Noob trying to install

Postby Sylphid » Wed Jul 12, 2006 9:51 pm

i am not familiar with DF in the slightest but it sounds to me like the permissions are not correct

when did you change the permissions to 755 before or after transfering the files to the server

if this was done befor the file transfer there is a possibility that they were changed durring the transfer so to speak

also if you provide a link we may be able to help you out futher
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Noob trying to install

Postby Anaxent » Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:10 pm

Ah yes not only permissions but the CMS Dragonfly has a built in madule installer function so with in your amdin panel of DF click on modles you will now see the new module and click install.
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Re: Noob trying to install

Postby Adelthor » Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:33 pm

Installing roster in DF is one of the easiest installs

1. Make sure all files are in the proper directories i.e.<dragonfly root>\modules\cvsroster
2. Go to Modules Administrations
3. Verify cvsroster is listed
4. Click on the install link
5. Configure roster to your liking

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Re: Noob trying to install

Postby arturo » Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:07 pm

Thanks all for the answers. Now i have it almost working, now the problem is with the sql database but i think i can configure it out. I will post a link as soon as i get it working.


Got it almost working, uploading imag pack and doing final polishing. Will post link tomorrow. Thanks again all who helped.

IMPORTANT: there is an error at the Wowrosterdf beta in the archive .../admin/ at line 20:

It says: $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['IMG'] = /images/wowrosterdf/wowrosterdf.png')

but is calling to an image called yet cvsroster.png

Either change image name to wowrosterdf.png or change line.

I also got an error saying ")" in that line should be deleted. i deleted it and now it works (though no idea why, mycoding skills are less than zero).
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Noob trying to install

Postby jimig1 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 12:20 am

i was trying to install and I see that the png file name was corrected but the ")" is still there so I got the error during the install this is how the file should look

Code: Select all
  CPG-NUKE: Advanced Content Management System
  Copyright (c) 2004 by CPG-Nuke Dev Team

  CPG-Nuke is released under the terms and conditions
  of the GNU GPL version 2 or any later version

  $Revision:  1.0 $
  $Author:  Merllin $
  $Date: 2005/03/31 04:02:52 $

if (!defined('CPG_NUKE')) { exit; }

    $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['URL'] = adminlink($module.'&amp;file=index');
    $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['IMG'] = '/images/wowrosterdf/wowrosterdf.png';
    $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['MOD'] = $module;
   $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['SUB']['Roster Config'] = adminlink($module.'&amp;file=index');
   $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['SUB']['Upload Profile'] = getlink($module.'&amp;file=updateProfile');
   $menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['SUB']['Siggen Config'] = getlink($module.'&file=addon&roster_addon_name=siggen');
   //$menuitems['_AMENU5'][$module]['SUB']['EQDKP Sync'] = getlink($module.'&file=sync_roster_members_with_eqdkp');
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